Friday, April 14, 2006

Not To Do List

Annie over at Chief Executive Mom has a Not To Do List that she made up to help us moms get more accomplished in our day. I've been working on mine:

1. Do not vaccum the kitchen floor every night.
2. Do not pick up ALL the toys on the floor before bed.
3. Do not go out every day of the week.
4. Do not feel like I have to Spring Clean my house.
5. Do not spend too much time on the computer.


Annie Crawford said...

I like 3 and 4 too. Today I went out when I really should have stayed home and suffered for it! I had beard dough half mixed and three children crying at 1pm. I could have skipped target today!

Annie Crawford said...

Are you able to set up your comments so that people don't have to log in as a blogspot blogger to comment??