Friday, April 14, 2006

What's Behind My Wreath

Isn't it amazing?

This is a wreath on my front door. Birds have made a nest just behind it. Yesterday there were three eggs and now, today, there are four. The nest is so small, I wonder how all of those baby birds will fit in there once it hatches.

And it just makes me wonder: why did they pick this wreath? There are so many beautiful trees in my backyard and beyond that I wondered why they would choose this dead wreath on a front door that opens frequently. Don't they know it is an unsafe place?

Recently, I was talking with my children about how we see God's works around us continually. We cannot make a little bird build a nest, only God. So the bird's nest tells us that there is a God.

The spacious heavens declare
The glory of our God,
The firmament displays
His handiwork abroad;
Day unto day proclaims His might,
And night His wisdom tells to night
~Psalm 19:1-2
Whenever I find myself doubting whether or not God will take care of me, or if I am fearful of the unknowns, I find comfort in this verse:
Behold! the fowls of the air; for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?
~Matthew 6:26
He loves us and cares for us much more than birds.
And so, I periodically look at the bird's nest behind the wreath and am reminded of this truth.


Anonymous said...

I have a tiny little nest in my wreath on y front door as well...same tiny little eggs. We discovered it two weeks 2 of the 3 eggs hatched. they are the tiniest, sweetest little bald birds I have ever seen. We stopped using our front door as soon as we found the nest. Did yours hatch? Were you able to identify them? Isn't it such a beautiful birds on the front door? We have a glass door, so we can look directly into the nest (although I put up a dard file folder to cover the area, since mamma flew out each time we walked down the front stairs). Funny, I googled birds in wreath and found you... Have a wonderful day. Michele...Naperville, IL

Kristi said...

I am strolling through your archives this evening!! I love this one... I'm so glad you took a picture of it, too! :)