Thursday, August 10, 2006

A mother's comfort

Learning mother, bending oh so low;
With heart that joy and sorrow overflows;
God gives to thee a work most hard and sweet,
Guiding little hearts and tiny feet.

Weary mother, by the sickbed sore,
Contemplating joys all gone before;
The Lord thy strength and helper still will be,
When life becomes so very drear for thee.

Heavy mother, now with child so great,
Thy gentle Shepherd with great kindness waits,
Thy faltering steps to settle in safe ways,
Thy every need supplying all thy days.

Worried mother of the wayward one,
Whether it be thy daughter or thy son,
The Lord great wisdom to thy need will give,
To teach them now for Jesus Christ to live.

Careworn mother, let God's joy and love,
Flood thy soul with blessings from above;
So as thy days thy strength from Him shall be,
With everlasting arms sustaining thee.

Praying mother on thy well-worn knees,
Thy faithfulness down through the years now sees,
Thy children raised upon the word of God,
Walking safe in paths the saints have trod.

-Mary Van Nattan "A Christian Mother's Life"


Miriam said...

What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it... it really ministered to me today. Especially the part to the "Heavy mother." My pregnancy has been difficult and I have a ways to go yet!


Betsy said...

love this, Andrea. Reminding me that my knees need to be "well worn" more often! Such an encouragement for our role as a mommy.

Annie said...

Beautiful! Both words and picture.

Barbara H. said...

This is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.