Sunday, August 27, 2006


This week I will be tying up loose ends of our homeschooling curriculum, getting those last minute school supplies, organizing my office, signing up for dance and music classes, and making a schedule.

The way I see it is this--a schedule is a tool, not a master.
Some people abide by scheduling their time in minute intravals. Some people go about it by a "Do the next thing" mentality: ex. Breakfast with devotions, then school work, then lunch, then cleanup, etc.

Me? While I've always been the kind of person who likes order and scheduling, I have never had a schedule that I've actually referred to. Sure, I write them out, with well-meaning intentions, but they are often hidden in the depths of my paperwork in my well-meaning Home Management Binder. (Baby Steps, remember?) I guess I'm somewhere between a"Do the next thing mentality" and scheduling minute intravals. I'm trying to fit Romans 12:1-2 in there somewhere, too.

But this year I've decided, with the addition of number 4, I have to have a schedule that I actually use with my much added workload.

And while my breadbaking and exercising three times a week will make it on there, I most definitely want to make time for Morning and Evening devotions. Spurgeon has convinced me:

"The morning is the gate of the day and should be well-guarded with prayer. It is one end of the thread on which the day's actions are strung and should be well-knit with devotion. If we felt the majesty of life more, we would be more careful of its mornings. He who rushes from his bed to his business and does not wait to worship is as foolish as if he had not put on his clothes or washed his face. He is as unwise as one who dashes into battle without being armed. Let us bathe in the softly flowing river if communion with God before the heat of the wilderness and the burden of the way begin to oppress us."


"It is dangerous to fall asleep before the head is leaned on Jesus' bosom. When divine love puts its finger on weary eyelids, it is brave sleeping; but so that the Lord's beloved may have such sleep given to him, it is necessary that he should make a near approach to the throne and unburden his soul before the great Preserver of men. To enter into the blaze of Jehovah's presence by way of the atoning blood is the sure method of refining ourselves of earthly dross and renewing the soul after exhausting service."

So let me present my schedule to His will, not mine.

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Prov 3:6

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Kat said...

Hey Andrea!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy like. I tried leaving you one this morning but my connection went down...eeerrr!

I can tell i'm going to enjoy your blog as well! Look forward to reading your soon as I get a break today from the baby... ;-)