Saturday, August 12, 2006

Simple gardening delights

This year I was able to start a small vegetable garden in my yard. It is my dream one day to have a bigger one. But for now, it's Baby Steps.

Here is my little pumpkin patch, with my Halloween baby. I'm hoping pumpkins grow and I will be able to bake him a little pumpkin cake with the pumpkins from our yard for his "first".

Our cucumbers have really done well.

My husband built this birdhouse from recycled antique wood and

metal. He's creative that way.

....and these are his "Poppers". He makes some mean ones,

with peanut butter.

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Katherine@Raising Five said...

Wow, what a beautiful garden. My vegetables pretty much all died this year. I'll try not to be jealous!

Thanks for visiting my blog - I enjoyed getting to know you through your blog tonight - you have a very graceful way of writing that is inviting. I'd like to come back, if you don't mind!