Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Summer reading, part two

Zippy is strong-willed. Zippy can be obnoxious. Zippy did not speak a word until her 3rd birthday. All these and many other endearing characteristics of a small town girl named Zippy Jarvis are found in this charming memoir.

I was pleasantly surprised with this story. It traces the seemingly happy childhood of the writer, "Zippy" (a nickname given to her by her father, because she "zips" around) in smalltown (300 people), Moreland, Indiana.
Zippy is the third child in the family, having 2 much older siblings, a boy and a girl. Because she is the "baby" of the family, she gets away with much more than they ever did.

A lot of themes in the book I identify with: 1. a happy childhood. My own childhood is full of fantastic memories and special "nooks and crannies". Kimmel meticulously describes her own "nooks and crannies", such as the hole in the driveway that always had water in it, and that splashed each time her father drove in. 2. true Christianity. I did not quite figure out if Kimmel is a Christian, or not, but she explores thoughfully what it means to be a Christian.

Without giving too much away, it is interesting the way children are somewhat blinded to the realities of life. This is the case with Zippy. Kimmel's beautiful, witty, prose will have you laughing out loud and remembering your own childhood memories. A thoughful, fun, summer read.

I also read the sequel to this book, She Got Up Off The Couch. I recommend it as well, especially if you enjoy Kimmel's writing style, which I do and wish I could even write half as good as she.

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tonia said...

Oh my goodness. I read this book years ago and forgot all about it. I remember that I really enjoyed her writing - simple and clean - and that the story was funny and poignant.

Thanks for the recommendation on the sequel - I may have to get that!