Friday, August 25, 2006

The vocation of motherhood

"The best convent," I said, "for a woman is the seclusion of her own home. There she may find her vocations and fight her battles, and there she may learn the reality and the earnestness of life."

"Pshaw!" cried she. "Excuse me, however, for saying that; but some of the most brillant girls I know have settled down into mere married women and spend their whole time nursing babies! Think how belittling!"

"Is it more so than spending it dressing, driving, dancing, and the like?"

"Of course it is. I had a friend once who shone like a star in society. She married and had four children as fast as she could. Well! what was the consequence? She lost her beauty, her spirit and animation, lost her youth, and lost her health. The only earthly things she can talk about are teething, dieting, and measles!"

I laughed at this exaggeration..."As you have spoken plainly to me, knowing me to be a wife and mother, you must allow me to speak plainly in return, " I began. "...You will permit me to say that when you speak contemptuosly of the vocation of maternity, you dishonor not only the mother who bore you but the Lord Jesus Himself, who chose to be born of woman and to be ministered unto by her through a helpless infancy..."

I thought of my dear ones...and I thought of my love for them and theirs for me. And I thought of Him who alone gives reality to even such joys as these.

~Elizabeth Prentiss "Stepping Heavenward"

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Mom said...

Even though my nest is empty...except for the times when "all my babies--big and little" are here...I do think everyday how grateful I am for all of them and for what He has given to me. It is so rewarding when your children have children and you can see how the wisdom and love that God gave to you in guiding your children's lives is being given back to you as you watch your children being great parents. As Ms. Prentiss said, "...I thought of my love for them and theirs for me." It's wonderful to love and be loved unconditionally.

Wuv U.....