Friday, September 15, 2006

The rocking chair

Is the rocking chair underrated these days, or is it just me? Do people just not have the time in their days to sit and rock?

I think that's a shame.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I scoured antique stores, looking for that perfect rocker to rock my wee one in. I knew what I was looking for: it had to be upholstered, and have a good squeak to it.

After searching for a few hours, I found one, way in the back of a store. It was easily overlooked, because, well, it was ugly. But I pictured it recovered and lush, and found it had just the squeak I wanted.

After finding out it would be a ridiculous amount to recover the old thing, my husband lovingly did it himself. We draped a pretty antique lace tablecloth over it, and Viola!, a perfect rocking chair.

After almost 6 years, that rocking chair has rocked all of my babies. My mother has rocked my babies in that chair, my mother-in-law has rocked my babies in that chair, and my husband has rocked my babies in that chair. Not to mention myself. It has become a quiet and sweet place for my baby and I, and yes; my small babies still get rocked before they go to bed. I don't know how many prayers have been said in that chair, but I love to pray for them when I rock them.

Not too long ago, folks used to sit in their rockers on their front porch, waving to passersby, saying, "Come on up and have a glass of sweet tea." My parents still do it, only in their garage, in one of the same rocking chairs I was rocked in when I was a baby. Nowadays, most people have got their eyes fixated on the T.V. screen at night to even care or think about those days.
But I digress.

The upholstery on our rocking chair is coming undone, and we've replaced the tablecloth with another, but it's still very faithful to us. It's a quiet respite in my days (and sometimes nights.) It helps me recapture in some way, the simpleness of the rocker: a rest for my soul, a rest for baby on his mother's breast. It's lovely.


L.L. Barkat said...

What is it about a rocker... something comforting... nostalgic... a place to let go and be...

Today, on my blog, the rockers are empty, and that definitely communicates the feeling of being bereft...

I am glad you rock your babies, that you are giving them a sweet, rhythmic memory of love.

Anonymous said...

My oldest sister inherited the old family rocker, and it has that little hitch and squeak.
She is never happier than when she is rocking her children.
Brother-in-law, being an engineer, fixed the hitch and squeak. After some stern warnings, he worked on it and put the hitch and squeak back.
Sister is happy again.

Kat said...

Beautiful post Andrea! I would comment more but the baby just started screaming...I have 2 rockers and the antique one is the best...Go antiques go! Yes, rockers are so symbolic...thanks for bringing that out.

Awe, yeah gurl you know it was Rural wal mart. Thanks for your comment ;-)

Anonymous said...

We still have the "antique" chair that Daddy and I bought over thirty-five years ago. I have rocked my two babies, four grands (and hope to rock more grands...from your brother)and have even rocked you in it when you grew into a "bigger baby" Like your chair, it contains tears, strength and lots of prayers. It is comforting to know that it is still here. Love you bunches. Mom

Andrea said...

L.L. and Kat~ Yes, I love how the rocker is symbolic.

Anon.~ The squeak is what makes the chair!

Mom~I know how much you love your rocker and love to rock your babies. I learned from you. :)