Monday, September 11, 2006

Train up a child Tuesday

Kat is hosting Train Up A Child Tuesday today. Check it out to find:

Child rearing tips
Traditions of your family
Resources you've found helpful (books, musical c.d.'s, family games)
Memorable things you experienced as a child with your family
Scriptures shared with your children
Every day activities

...shared by other bloggers.

Here is mine:

This is fairly a new thing in our family, but I have created a "Table Prayer Box". It's basically a recipe box, decorated all pretty-like, and in it are cards with prayer requests on them. The children can add to them, as well as the adults.
Every child has a certain day of the week that they are to bless the food before dinner. On the day that they pray, they get to randomly pick a card from the box and add that request in with our dinner prayer.
I've heard variations of this idea from other people, but this setup works for us.


Kat said...

Oh Andrea, I absolutly LOVE this idea! Thank you so much for sharing. I will start this now even though it's just me, hubby, and the non-speaking one at present! :-)


Andrea said...

Yes, get into the habit, now! :)

Miriam said...

We do this with some written needs, some photos (photo's as much as possible). I find that for the small children, it's nice for them to be able to look at the folks we're praying for. :)

Erna said...

Great idea! My little ones are (almost) 3 & 1 so this will be a great idea to put in our "treasure trove."