Tuesday, September 26, 2006


You should have seen me today at the grocery store.

Well, it was partly my fault, I should just know not to take a tired baby grocery shopping.

Picture this. Baby was screaming, little ones underfoot. (They weren't misbehaving, just underfoot. Makes for challenging grocery shopping.) Me, frantically scooping food off the shelves and into my cart. (So much for thoughtful grocery shopping.)

And, of course, I thought about my schedule, and how I had planned for grocery shopping, on Tuesdays, after my morning women's bible study. As I was buckling my still screaming baby in his carseat, I made a mental note to myself: do not go grocery shopping on Tuesdays anymore. Do it preferably in the morning hours, when the children are fresh, or even better, at night (if I'm not exhausted) when they are in bed and I can go by myself.)

So I'm doing a little bit of "tweaking" to my schedule, I guess you could say.

Webster's dictionary gives the work "tweak" as:

3 : to make usually small adjustments in or to ; especially : FINE-TUNE

It's good to know I can tweak. And God knows this. His mercies are new every morning. And for that I'm thankful.


L.L. Barkat said...

Ah, I shop on Tuesdays after a bible study too. :) What's nice is there's a little "cafe" section at the front of the store (a small health-food establishment). I set the kids up there with yogurts I buy on the spot. And I have books for them to look at... it has been my little tweak... of course, they have tweaked themselves too by just getting older... which is a blessing!

Andrea said...

Yes, the older factor helps! I had a woman tell me at the "small health food establishment" I go to, too, tell me that this was the first time in a long time she had a peaceful grocery shopping trip because this was the first year all her children were in school. I was thankful for her kind comment, although I homeschool. She was essentially telling me in the same way as you that it will be easier when they are older. :)Tis a season!