Thursday, October 12, 2006

Baby boy shoes

After three girls, I've found it's hard to find simple boy clothes. But I've discovered some shoes I absolutely love on my baby boy.
These are hand-me-downs, ( I love good hand-me-downs!) but you can get similar ones here. They are soft-soled--perfect for beginner walkers!

Worn with a pair of vintage boy's Levi's, my baby is scrumptous!


L.L. Barkat said...

quite the little man... don't let him grow up too fast, though... babies in jammies are scrumptious too. :)

plainandsimple said...

He's a proper little cutie pie. Makes me broody!

Emily said...

Andrea, I had some time (finally) this evening to visit other bloggers who have visited me over the last couple of weeks, so here I am!

I love this post! It's making me smile. (I have two boys, and I think my #3 due here in two weeks, is also going to be a boy.) While surrounded by nieces and having received some cute photos of my niece in the cutest, classic sailor dress today via mail, I was starting to envy mommies of girls who get to shop all those choices available to little gals. But after seeing these little moccasins and tiny Levi's, I am reminded of how much I like simple and classic on my little boys too! Who needs frills?!?!

Such sweetness! I'm going to have to locate those moccasins. . .

Andrea said...


Babies, freshly washed, in jammies, are luscious. :)

Plain and simple

Thanks for the compliment! He is certainly a cutie pie.


So nice to see you here! I am glad my baby's attire inspired you. :) HAng in there, you've got a few more weeks, haven't you? :)

Holly said...

Yes, he certainly IS scrumptious. :) Precious post, precious pictures.

My baby boy has a little pair of slip on suede booties with what looks like sheep skin inside. I love those things! They are the best. :) (Why did it take me five boys to find them?)

I used to have a tiny pair of Minnetonka moccasins for a baby...but they tied on and were constantly coming undone. Drove me nuts. :)

I'm rather fond of boys...:)

Mississippi Girl said...

That picture is just precious. I love his sweet little shoes!!
Jennifer R.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that is just to cute for words. :)

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