Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Great friends

Everyone should have at least one set of "great friends."

Friends who will do "family things" with you, like celebrate your baby's first birthday, when there is no family around.

Who will let you get cake crumbs all over their floor, and don't care...really.

Who you can bathe babies with.

Who love on your children like they are theirs.

Who will make you laugh and laugh with all the "inside jokes".

Who will encourage you and who will be there for you...no matter what...and you know this.

I'm thankful for my great, comfortable, friends.


L.L. Barkat said...

I guess I'm still looking for these friends... or maybe it's just that we have them in "grandma, grandpa & auntie."

How wonderful that you have such relationships!

tonia said...

I just now posted on this! Almost verbatim. :)

great minds, Andrea...great minds.

betsy said...

I've got tears in my eyes...Yall are our family too!
I'm thankful for you and all of your sweet sweet babies! Amazing how our Father provides such important relationships to us when we need them. He always knows our deepest needs. Thanks for sharing, Andrea. :))

Andrea said...

Ok, Betsy, I've not just got tears in my eyes--I'm bawling at your comment.
I'm just amazed at how our Father provides as well.

Tonia--GMTA, you are right. Enjoyed your post, too.

L.L.--and it's indeed a blessing to find that in "auntie" and "grandma". You are blessed as well.