Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yes, Let's!

Because I am a "planner", I am not very good at this, but I want to be more of a "Yes, Let's!" kind of person, when it comes to my husband.

Let me explain.

When my husband suggests an idea, or a "spur of the moment" activity, I want to say to him, "Yes, Let's!", not "Yes, but....."(I have laundry, I am tired, We have to..)

In a small, simple, way I can show him he is the leader, not challenge his leadership. Have you heard this statement: If you can't support the plan, at least support the man. That's what I'm talking about.

This idea is not limited to "spur of the momment" suggestions. I want to learn to be that way in all areas where his suggestions are concerned.

Hear that, honey? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, just stopping by to say hello.I like that, "If you can't support the plan, at least support the man." Very catchy. ;)

Anonymous said...

The best times Dad and I have had were the "spur of the moment" times. You eliminate the worrying that you go through in planning the event and then you are relaxed and enjoy it more. "S" will enjoy it more because he doesn't have to go through your "planning time."
Wuv U. Mom

Miriam said...

I am really working on this too. Having your phrase, "Yes, Let's!" in my mind will help, I think. :) Last night our family had a fun evening of star gazing in the country(a spur of the moment idea of my husband's) because for once I didn't let my list of things to do at home stand in the way. It is worth it to lay our agendas aside and prefer our spouse. And I think God blesses that. Thanks for the good encouragement!

Roberta said...

That's very good for this "cautious...slow to warm up...decision making challenged...sometimes fearful" wife to hear.
Thank you!
and re: the above post I should re-read SSM's FTCS...I love the *heart of homeschooling* books.

Anonymous said...

This is great. We are learning if we don't "yes, let's" now, the opportunity may not present itself again for a very long time!! I'm a planner (my husband might call it risk-averse), and it is hard to let go of this. But it works! Great thought!