Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday evening ramblings

I have found an album I really enjoy listening to, and I put it on tonight as I was making Sunday dinner. In the past, I liked to listen to Family Radio, (and still do) on Sunday evenings, because it reminds me of my grandmother, who listens to it, and because it is calming and uplifting.

Applachia Waltz is as well.

The menu tonight was:

Baked Chicken with herbes de provence, salt, and pepper
Macaroni and Cheese
Roasted garlic potatoes
Brussel sprouts with garlic and butter

The girls helped me with the biscuits, but they did not turn out as well as I would have liked. I'm not a big biscuit maker, unfortunately, even though I am from the South. I've got to practice more.

The smoke alarm went off three times, due to my dirty oven that needs to be cleaned, but a lovely dinner preparation and dinner eaten, all in all.

Afterwards, we settled on the couch and watched a movie together, and ate lots of sweet candy treats. Mmm.


Holly said...

Sounds sweet...the whole evening.

And yummy, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I also love Appalachia Waltz with Yo-yo Ma! So good and peaceful. It is a family tradition to turn on music during every meal - hubby loves soundtrackes, kids love Dean Martin, and I'm for the good old classical music - it's not as overpowering.
Sounds like a beautiful Sunday as a family. Hubby was called away to help mediate a church problem, so I was alone with the children most of the afternoon, but we read books and played games, so all is well. Now it's raining, and I'm tired, so I must make myself go to bed.
I just love reading your blog so much!

tonia said...

my smoke alarm always goes off too. ~smile~

Andrea said...

Elise--why thank you!

Tonia--I put the oven on self-clean last night--Finally! Hopefully that will help!

Jennifer said...

Hey Cousin,

I like your new picture. You look happier...

I think the biscuit making talent must have skipped a generation; I can't make them from scratch either.

What's your secret for Brussel sprouts?

Andrea said...

I thought about you when I put it up, thought you'd be happy.

So--THAT's what it is! Skips a generation? I guess it also skipped me with the fried chicken and rice and gravy.

Brussel sprouts. My favorite way of eating them is steamed in the steamer til soft, then lightly buttered and salted and peppered.
Last night I stir fried them in garlic and olive oil, then put a little water in the oil and covered the pan and let them steam, then added butter.

Betsy said...

Andrea- My senior year dance performance in college I choregraphed my piece to Butterfly's Day Out. Such sweet memories. That album is one of my faves! Love the new pic too. Very you and very cool :)
My smoke alarm goes off nightly too. Baby is starting to think that waving pillows in the air is normal when mama is cooking?! So bad!!