Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas menu...first draft

Been thinking what to cook on Christmas Day.

~Artichoke Dip with Crostini
~Butternut Squash Soup
~Pan Seared Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic sauce
~Scalloped potatos with cheese
~Brussel sprouts--steamed and lightly buttered
~Roasted carrots and parsnips
~yeast rolls

Too ambitious?

What are you making?

and....want to join us?


pauline said...

do you think that you would post the recipes?? i am a very uninspired cook and my dh often tells me upon entering the kitchen to "use my imagination". my response usually is i have none in this area!! :o). your menu sounds divine and i would love to "steal" some of the recipes if you would be willing to share :O)
love pauline in au

Anonymous said...

I really wish I was able to cook on Christmas! We will travel the 100 miles to be with family that day; after our morning traditions.
Christmas Eve, however, is another story.
I plan to make turkey and stuffing, but so far that's all I've got. It may end up being an entire copy-cat meal of Thanksgiving, since we were with family on that day and didn't have the amount of leftovers to enjoy later that we would have liked.
Hubby says it sounds good to him!
-roast turkey
-mashed potatoes and gravy
-pistachio pudding
-cranberries: jellied and sauce
-homemade cinnamon applesauce
-Martinelli's sparkling cider

My tummy is growling right this very second.

Miriam said...

Andrea, your meal plan sounds *incredible*. It would most likely be too ambitious for me, but my impression after months of reading your blog is that you are the most amazing cook, so go for it...I'm sure you can tackle it! :)

We're doing Christmas with my family - the first time we'll all be together for 15 years! So it will be a joint effort at my mom's. I don't think we've come up with a menu yet, but this is a good reminder that it's time to start thinking.

Elise, my husband brought me some of that Martinelli's sparking cider as a treat a couple of days ago...yummy stuff!

Andrea said...

I will try to. What ones sound the most interesting to you and I will post those.

Elise--sounds very yummy! We like to get the Martinelli's for special days, too. I say this menu is first draft, cause I haven't run it by my husband yet. So I'll let you guys know what the changes are!

Miriam--Well, I wouldn't say amazing cook, but thank you for the comment!LAst Christmas with a new baby, I was not this ambitious. And I probably will cut out either the soup or artichoke dip--unless I do it a day ahead.

pauline said...

hi andea!! i would love the recipe for your pan seared chicken!! scalloped potatoes and your yeast rolls if you hand make them! thank you soooooo much
love pauline

bluemountainmama said...

i come from a family of 5 women and we will all be at my parent's i don't have to plan a menu, thank goodness. mmmm...butternut squash soup! i make that with a recipe out of an herbal cookbook i have, but it's got apples in it, too. you cook down the apples and squash and blend them together...then sprinkle ginger and nutmeg on top. so it's kind of tart but yummy!

LZ Blogger said...

To me... no holiday meal is complete sans Succotash (corn & lima Beans in a cream sauce)!~ Even I can make it!,,FOOD_9936_6541,00.html?rsrc=search ~ jb///

Anonymous said...

Seriously...that menu sounds so good...I am getting ready to face my first Christmas outside the States and I am a bit anxious about it. I really like your blog...please let us know how it all tastes...I am sure it will be delicious!

Rebecca said...

Andrea! I'm finally reading and posting!!!. I would love the recipe too for the chicken. Sounds so good. I haven't thought dinner out yet. But I love planning meals.