Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Four year old thoughts

You have to know my daughter to appreciate the little things she says. She is 4, has her own brand of wisdom, and when she says things, she has a natural humor about them that makes you laugh. She also still has that sweet, little girl voice that I love to listen to.

Today she was looking through her Bible picture books, and I heard her talking to herself:

"Oh. (pausing for a time) Jesus broke the bread for the people. (pause again, thinking.) Hmm, that's a GOOD idea! That's what I do when people want some of my food, I just break it in half for them and share!"

I loved how she took the Bible story, then applied it to her own life, in her own four-year-old way.


Her:"Mama, it took God 10 days to make us, right?"

Me: "No, honey, remember it took 6 days to make the whole earth!"

Her: (musing) Wow, that was quick! He is quick!

Me: (smiling)

In the book, "What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?" (the Ken Ham one), she looks very carefully at the picture of the Flood destroying the dinosaurs and the people who didn't believe Noah. She is quiet sometimes, and asks a lot of questions other times:

"Mama, were those men bad? That's why they drowned?"

"No, baby, they didn't believe God...that's why they drowned. We are all sinners, and do bad things--even me, even you--but if we believe God, we will be saved."

And I pray to God that one surely sinks into her four-year-old brain.


Kat said...

What a beautiful post, Andrea. Your daughter sounds so sweet. :)

tonia said...

You are a good mama Andrea...that was a great response.

L.L. Barkat said...

These are truths that are still coming 'round to sink into my 40-something-year-old-brain. You give her a good beginning.... I pray she'll let it come 'round again throughout her life, too.

Andrea said...

Kat--I''m glad you see how sweet she is my writing. :)

Tonia--kind words..I'm trying, I'm trying!!

L.L.--I know what you mean. It's hard to grasp...still. Especially when your good friend's sweet grandmother passed away, and you don't know if she believed or not. That's when I trust in His mercy. I know He is just, but we also must believe....hard to accept.

Miriam said...

I always love your tellings from your family's life together. Yes, such sweetness. I especially like your daughter's thoughts on the breaking of the bread!

Elise said...

They're so pure in their thought process - I've had many an "Aha!" moment thanks to my children. It's the absence of clutter in their little minds.
She's so sweet, Andrea.

Kendra said...

Oh - her words are so precious! It is so beautiful to see the way that the Lord works in the heart of a child.
PS - I think that your four year old and mine would really get along. wanna meet halfway for a playdate in Tennessee or something :)

Charity Singleton said...

What a sweet post. I've always wondered how it is that children come to embrace faith. It's probably no different than adults, actually. They just believe all the truth they can understand. Your daughter sounds as though she has a discerning heart, what a gift to help nurture that in her.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Yes, I love the little voices, too. She sounds so sweet. Wish you were closer so we could arrange a little play date!

Christine said...

Hi Andrea! I just added you to my blogroll and am honored that you added me too. I've been enjoying getting to know you through your writing. I found your blog through Elise. Have a blessed weekend!