Sunday, January 07, 2007

Daily walks

"A brisk walk with your arms free, your spine erect, your head up, your feet in comfortable, sturdy shoes, is one of the best ways to get daily exercise. Start out by walking a mile, and increase your distance a half a mile a week until you are walking from three to five miles a day. Walk on out-of-the-way streets or, better still, on country roads where motor horns and traffic do not disturb the smooth flow of your thoughts. The air is purer away from houses and people. Brisk walking does not require much time; the average person who is accustomed to walking, walks two miles in thirty minutes."

The Household Searchlight Homemaking Guide 1937 ed.


Miriam said...

Neat *is* such a joy to take a walk. I should do it more often. Still, I think I prefer a daily dance in the dark before bed. :) But both are great excercise, and a great chance to meet with God.

Kat said...

Thanks Andrea! I needed that encouragement. Hope you're having a wonderful week~