Monday, January 08, 2007

National Delurking Week

I just read that this week is National Delurking Week. I'd love to hear from you all who read, but don't comment. (And those who do read and comment!) Tell me a little about yourself. 'Cause, you know, "De-lurking is Delightful!"


Stacy said...

Hi. I just recently started reading here. I think I found you from clicking on a comment you'd left. We read some of the same blogs... (Amy's Humble Musings and Joy in the Morning, maybe others).
My name is Stacy, and I'm married to the best man in the world and get to be a stay-at-home mama of three (so far. I love my calling of wifehood and motherhood. :)
Have a great day!

tonia said...

well...I'm about 5'4...1?0 pounds....I really hate bananas, but I love nearly every other fruit and vegetable...well, except for raisins, is that a fruit? Actually, I'd be a vegetarian except for the fact that it's too hard fighting against the carnivores in the house.

I hate my overbite, like my hair (except for the gray parts), love a good story - especially when accompanied by a glass of red wine...

*wink* There! more than you ever wanted to know about lil' ole me.

~big wide grin~

May you uncover many delurkers dear Andrea.

Anonymous said...

Hi i am Pauline and have commented before occasionally. i live in queensland australia. i have 3 children 4,3 and 18 months. i am a stay at home mum to my very much loved husband. would love to have more but it scares dh silly- mind you i come from a family of 9 children so i find the concept much easier i think :O)
love your blog
love pauline

Janel said...

I read waay more than I comment. I have to choose between eating and blog commenting. Sorry Andrea, eating wins. ;)

Have a terrific week!!

Anonymous said...

hey. this is a great blog. I never comment because I'm usually nursing when I'm at the computer.
thanks for your openess. It's encouraging.
I have two little kids, and am trying hard to follow god.
thanks again.