Sunday, January 21, 2007


Tommorow is the Thirty-Fourth anniversary of Roe v. Wade. While I don't consider my blog to be one where we debate social issues, (though it does play a huge part in thought, here) I feel passionate about communicating myself on this matter.

This weekend was hard. It left me thinking--"what's a mother to do?" when she's got a baby with:

~one hurt hand
~one crusty, runny nose
~first year molars coming in

Not to mention a child with the stomach flu.'s been rough. And what am I to do? What it comes down to is that I need to just say, "I'm believin' God."--Beth Moore style. I need to believe God when He says:

Sons are a heritage from the Lord,
children are a reward from Him
Like arrows in the hands of a mighty warrior
are the sons born in one’s youth.
Blessed is the man
whose quiver is full of them. (Psalm 127:3-5)

When my days and nights are long because of various reasons regarding my children, I need to believe God when He says that my children are a blessing and a reward, not a burden or "work" I need to "get away from". I believe having this stance of believing that God gave us children as blessings and rewards, and not burdens to inconveniance us or make our lives more difficult, is part of being "pro-life".

As a Christian, when it comes to abortion, we need to know where we stand. Are you saying, " I don't believe in abortion, except in cases of...". Are you saying, "Abortion is not all right for me, but others should have the choice..." Let's be real. Those are not options in becoming pro-life.

Important things to think about as you form your stance on what it means to be "pro-life" and not just "anti-abortion".

Barbara goes deeper: "Let's face it: Many who call themselves pro-life are merely anti-abortion. Monday, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a time for each of us to reflect: When it comes to pro-life issues, what is God's will and where do we really stand?" Read more here. You will be challenged, as I have, to think beyond just "anti-abortion", and embrace "pro-life".

Another great post by Blue Mountain Mama here.

Cindy has a compilation of posts on the "pro-life" issue.


Miriam said...

Andrea, I didn't read Barbara's article yet (I don't think the "here" link is working), but you're already stirring good thought for me. I'm afraid that sometimes I associate the children too closely with the work that comes with them, but yes...I love your thoughts on focussing on the fact that they are blessings and rewards! They *are*!! A thousand times over. Thank you for the reminder...and I think your blog is hugely "pro-life" in terms of regularly celebrating the goodness of life with children! Thank you again.

bluemountainmama said...

hmm... food for thought. i couldn't go to the "here" link, either. but i agree wholeheartedly and am active in our county's pro-life organization. i like that you take it a step further, and remind us to celebrate our kids' lives and cherish them... that's easy to forget sometimes. it saddens my heart deeply to think of all the little souls who never got the chance to leave their footprints in this world.......

dorothy said...

Great post and great link. Both were very thought provoking. Family size is definitely one of those areas that can be scary to fully trust the Lord and not ourselves. Thanks for the post and the link.

Stacy said...

I like what you said about believing God about our children being a blessing and a reward, as opposed to a burden. I will remember this the next time I'm thinking, "Get me out of here! I need a break."


Anna said...

What a wonderful post.

I left a comment on bluemountainmamas blog as to how much this truly effects my heart and life. I wanted to thank you because she was inspired to write her post after reading yours...

And it truly touched my being. Thanks.

Kendra said...

Andrea - this post is soooo right on. And Barbara's words were very wise as well. My husband and I feel like such outsiders when we admit to being open to having more than four children. Even my Christian family thinks that we're a little weird. But, like you said, we're "believin' God."
A wise friend once said to me that one of the most important things we have to learn how to do is to hear God through all of the other voices and opinions that we're surrounded with.
Keep on believin' - I'm with ya!

Kendra said...

PS - you've inspired me to write a little more about believing on my blog. Oh - and we've got 1 yr molars too - eeee...

Elise said...

This was lovely, Andrea. Such a good pause in my day to read this - refreshing, too. I hold my children and thank God for the gift of life, and lay the innocents before His throne.
Thank you.

Jennifer said...

I know I'm not in the same, I don't know-mind set, way of life, thought, etc, as many of your friends who read your blogs, so this response will be a little different.

You stated, "I believe having this stance of believing that God gave us children as blessings and rewards, and not burdens to inconveniance us or make our lives more difficult, is part of being 'pro-life.'" That can also be said for those who are pro-choice-that their children are blessings and rewards. Bluemountainmama said, "It saddens my heart deeply to think of all the little souls who never got the chance to leave their footprints in this world......." It saddens me more greatly of those who are born and are neglected and abused and thrown away like pieces of trash. It saddens me more that hundreds and thousands of children in our foster care programs are taken in just for the money and not for their well being. I won't even mention what a foster parent has to do to be considered, yet anybody can decide to have a baby without the means (physical and emotional) to take care of it.

Pro-life is across the board - it also includes capital punishment and euthanasia.

Yes, God says (Psalm 139:16) "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be," not to mention Jeremiah 1:1. Yet, God gave us humans free will-choice.

Andrea said...


Pro-life *is* a complicated issue.

I am also not saying that people who are pro-choice do not view their children as blessings. I never said that.

My post was a way for anyone reading to ponder what it means to be pro-life. As a mother, in my position, I did that. And you yourself said, "Pro-life is across the board--it also includes capital punishment and euthanasia." Yes, we should include that in our thoughts.

But, like I said, I don't want my blog to be a place where we debate social issues, so I won't go any further. :)

5:59 PM

bluemountainmama said...

just a note on jennifer's comment...something i have heard a lot and understand. i have worked with abused/neglected children for the past 8 years...and statistically the rate of child abuse has gone up tremendously since roe vs. wade. in my thought, if our society doesn't value them in the womb, what makes them more likely to value them when they are born? and most children in foster care were wanted...most of their parents either got involved in drugs/alcohol, or don't have the know-how , resources, etc. to make good parenting choices. and the children are usually older when they are taken out of the home, and still love their parents very much. there are rarely infants in foster care, as there is a two year waiting list for parents wishing to adopt american infants. we need to look at better choices for women than abortion...resources, parenting skills classes, and at the most basic level, support and encouragement..... not trying to debate....just my thoughts and experience.

tonia said...

I hear what Jennifer is saying. It is a painful world indeed where children are treated so poorly. My mother has been a medical foster parent for 20 years and my husband and I were foster parents for a few years. Eventually we adopted one of our foster kids.

I also have to agree with bluemountainmama that the situation for children is NOT improving with legalized abortion - there are hundreds of thousands of unwanted and abused children in our country. (As a side note - at least in Oregon there are a ton of infants in foster care - most of them meth-addicted babies...but bluemtnmama is right that there are few healthy, white infants waiting for adoption.)

I have lain awake at night wondering why drug-addicted mothers can have unwanted baby after baby and my dearest friend, a pastor's wife, couldn't get pregnant. I've asked the Lord why, if He begins life, does He begin so many lives that will end up in tragedy and pain?

I don't have answers to my questions. Is that too honest?

But I do know that the answer is NOT to embrace abortion and death. Abortion is a wrong answer to a troubling problem in our society.

I hear you, Jennifer, when you say that pro-life is across the board. I agree with you and I also feel it is imperative that as Christians we back up our beliefs by caring for the orphan, the widow and the prisoner. We have a long way to go in those least I do.

(sorry for the long, rambly comment, Andrea...)

Holly said...

Yes - prolife is ALL of these things! It is what Barbara said, it is what Andrea said (very well, Andrea!) - it is anti-euthanasia - it is loving the orphan and it is caring for our elderly! I am so encouraged when I hear about families who are open to children AND open to adoption and open to caring for their own elderly. Most pro-life people that I know are TRULY and across the board pro-life, and not just anti-abortion.

I want all of the LIFE God will give me - in WHATEVER way, WHATEVER form!

Janel said...

It's scary to know that I was one of the first babies that could have been aborted. My mom got pregnant with me just days after the decision... Thank God they had been praying for a baby and not praying that I'd go away...

I LOVE Beth's Believing God study!!