Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Dexterous

Dexterous: 3 : skillful and competent with the hands

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Tisha said...

Awww...too sweet. : )
Nice blog, my first time here.
Great WW.
Mine's up.

L.L. Barkat said...

A challenge to being dexterous, I see! Oh, poor little one... still healing? Does he seem to be faring okay?

Anonymous said...

My poor babies--E and You! I know all of his "Mamas" are giving him the extra attention he needs. Just sorry Mimi is not there to cuddle him too.

Love to you all.

Christine said...

Look at that sweet boy with his little hand! That's impressive!

Suni said...

he's really good at that :D


Anna said...

WOW...I am impressed. Thank God they are stronger than we are! Who did he inherit that dexterous gene from?

Andrea said...

Aww, he's great isn't he?
A real champ.

He is doing wonderful, and the burn is healing nicely. He takes it all in stride. :)

dorothy said...

Last night at dinner, my big girl offered to pray. When we mentioned all the things that needed prayer (your little boy's hand being one of them), she deferred to Mama, but first said, "Dear Jesus, thank you for (your biggest girl). Amen".

So glad to see your little man's not being slowed down one bit!

Elise said...

Oh, where there's a will, there's a way!
My (then) two-year old broke his right arm, the one he used to suck his thumb! No worries. He switched. :)
I wish I was as unfazed by things as children are.

Holly said...


Elise's story reminds me of when my little girl had a plantar's wart on her thumb. (YUCK!) I took her in to the doctor - knowing we couldn't mess with it, for she was a THUMB SUCKER EXTRAORDINARE! The dr. burned off the wart (or froze it or something) and I broke the news to my daughter. "Honey, you can't suck your thumb. You can't get the owie wet."

She stared at me, then broke into a delighted grin. "That's okay, mommy! Because I have a secret!"

"What?" I asked, curious.

"I suck BOTH thumbs."

She had been holding out on me...saving her secret for this day. :)


Katherine@Raising Five said...

Kids are resilient, aren't they. He is TOO CUTE!

Donna said...

Great picture.

Write From Karen said...

awww, poor baby. Looks like he's adapting well, though!