Friday, February 23, 2007

Prayer by a Bishop for the Members of his Church (Borrowed by This Mother for Her Children)

"Jesus, good Shepherd, they are not mine but yours,
for I am not mine but yours.
I am yours, Lord, and they are yours,
because by your wisdom you have created both them and me,
and by your death you have redeemed us.
So we are yours, good Lord, we are yours,
whom you have made with such wisdom
and bought so dearly.
Then if you command them to me, Lord,
you do not therefore desert me or them.
You commend them to me:
I commend myself and them to you.
Yours is the flock, Lord, and yours is the shepherd.
Be Shepherd of both your flock and shepherd.

You have made an ignorant {mother}, a blind leader, an erring ruler;
teach the {mother} you have established,
guide the {mother} you have appointed,
govern the ruler that you have approved.
I beg you,
teach me what I am to teach,
lead me in the way that I am to lead,
rule me so that I may rule others.
Or rather, teach them, and me through them,
lead them, and me with them,
rule them, and me among them."

Anselm 1033-1109
Archbishop of Canterbury 1093-1109
Translated by Sister Benedicta Ward, S.L.G.

Another great tidbit shared by Ruth Bell Graham (from It's My Turn) and now by me to you all. Oh, these words ring true for me, pleading the Lord through it all.

Today I read a really great post by Barbara. It's called Is your life perfect? Why pretend?. Often times in my day I will laugh to myself because I think: Now, Andrea, you are not acting very much like a "Flourishing Mother"! And, it's true, sometimes I don't. I don't want to fool anyone here. I love my mothering calling and role and I do relish it, but that doesn't cover the fact that it is hard work most days, emotionally and physically. I only hope to encourage others here, to lift up others here, to walk the path along with you--glory be to God. You all encourage me, too. We all can agree there are much more good things to rejoice over in our mothering, right?


Christine said...

Oh, it is so hard! And I feel the same way about my little corner of the blog world. I seek to encourage, not to be perfect. Glad you're back!

And by the way, I tagged you today!

AIMEE said...

I love the encouragment to dependence on Him for leading, guiding, loving. Thanks Andrea!

Mrs. S said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful words. Wow, what a reminder that it is He who gives us our children, and that we have the responsibility to guide them in His ways!

Holly said...

I love to read the words of older, godly women...those who have already lived the life and have raised their children. It makes me perk up my ears and listen...I know they have secrets that I really need to learn! :)

Welcome back, Andrea. Did you enjoy your time away?

I'm on a little break...and it feels nice! :)