Monday, March 19, 2007

Children's Book Monday

This is a cookbook for dolls. It is written for kind climates and summertimes. It is an outdoor cookbook, because dolls dote on mud, when properly prepared. They love the crunch of pine needles and the sweet feel of seaweed on the tongue. The market place, then, will be a forest or a sand dune or your own back yard.

So starts Marjorie Winslow's Mud Pies and Other Recipes: A Cookbook for Dolls.

I have to confess, this is one of my favorite books to read and look at, more so than my girls, if only that it reminds me of the many summer days in my own backyard, fixing mud pies and leaf meals; and at the beach, making sand cake.

However, I plan to use this as a cookbook for my little girls this summer, inviting them into new recipes of "cooking out-of-doors", ones they have not tried their hand at yet, such as "Mud Puddle Soup" (Find a mud puddle after a rainstorm and seat your dolls around it. Serve.) Or a yummy "Bark Sandwich": (Make a buttery mixture of dirt, lake water and pine needles. Heap this on a piece of birch bark and serve.)

But, don't worry. They get more complicated. The lovely "Leaves en Brochette" and "Dandelion Souffle" will make any young girls dolls' mouth water. And, yes, there are four different ways to make Mud Pie.

All in all, this book is a delightful book for both mom and daughter. (And perhaps son, but it seems to me more of a mom and daughter bonding book, as well as sister-sister.) So, check out this "Cookbook for Dolls", and wait for summer to begin.

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chickadee said...

i know this is a book we have to get! my girls love making mudpies. i think they will love it.

Tracy said...

Oh, this brings back childhood memories of making clover soup, and apple pie on an electric fence with a tin pie plate! The apple pie? Saltine crackers, and whole apples from the apple tree!

bluemountainmama said...

andrea- my sister has this book and did a post about it here

It's the second post down. sounds like a wonderful book...i would have loved it when i was little!

Mrs. S said...

This sounds great! I used to be the QUEEN of mudpies.I have to get this book for my little girl!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Miriam said...

I don't think I ever made a mudpie - *sigh* - sounds like a beautiful, fun book. :)

Anonymous said...

The girls have come up with some of their own great recipes. Like the one I found on the front porch after you'all left last time you were here. In my favorite pan I found--pine needles, bark, acorns and grass. Yum, Yum. You were a great pie maker too. You even like to use the good silver to make them with!!

Luv U

Elise said...

This is an absolute must-have for me - I've already checked out Amazon and my favorite, Abebooks, to see what I can get!
It just looks and sounds precious, and I can just see you out there in the mud with your little ones!
Thanks so much for sharing this, Andrea! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader of your blog. I am really enjoying it!
I am so excited! I read your post today about the book. I popped over to to see if they had this book. I did not imagine that they would. They did!!! I happened to have one credit, so I ordered it. I am so excited ~ a blessing from the Lord! Thanks for the recommendation. My girls and I will love it, I'm sure!


Mrs Wibbs said...

Mmmmmm...ok. Well if it's not the kinda book that my boys would bond with me over, then I'll have to come up with another excuse for getting myself a copy. Like: I have a little god-daughter, maybe I could get one for her, and see if they would sell me the second copy half price or something?? Cos it's not as if I'm ever going to produce a girl of my own...
And anyways, my boys do love mud and puddles and sticks and rocks and dead leaves. And so do I ;) And, thinking about it, they love cooking as well!! So, I think I will go and place my order today.

L.L. Barkat said...

I might have a few recipes for you, if you like this sort of thing. Do you have any hemlock cones about you? :)

Holly said...

Oh, this book sounds like so much fun! Why have I never seen this? :)