Monday, April 09, 2007

Children's Book Monday: The Day The Babies Crawled Away

Hey Hey! What a day! When the babies crawled away!

Whenever I read this book to my children, I am saying the lines to myself over and over throughout the day. This is a good thing, for The Day The Babies Crawled Away by Caldecott winner Peggy Rathmann is a creatively written story; told by a young boy, in which he saves five babies who run off on a day of the fair.

The story begins like this:

Remember the day

The babies crawled away?

We moms and dads were eating pies,

The babies saw some butterflies -

And what do you know?

Surprise! Surprise!

The babies crawled away!

What also makes this book so enjoyable is the silhouette illustrations that Rathmann uses. It contributes to the magical telling of the story. The details give the non-reader lots to look at.

Rathmann doesn't overuse words, which I like. The story is told in quick, simple prose, and my children and I usually laugh out loud at the events. As I said earlier, we are repeating lines to each other throughout the day, and making up our own lines!

If you are familiar with and like Rathmann's book Officer Buckle and Gloria, the Caldecott winner, then The Day The Babies Crawled Away will be another favorite.


Jennifer said...

Yes, we do like Officer Buckle. I'm going to look for this one at the library. It sounds like one that my 8 year old and 3 year old could enjoy together.

Jenny said...

They read this one at storytime at Barnes & Noble. My girls thought it was so funny! It is perfect for reading aloud.

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Beverly said...

I like the cadence of the words! My library list is growing ...

Elise said...

Aaak! My comment got eaten!
Anyway, we love silliness here. I've seen this one before, but hadn't cracked it open - I think I will, now!

Jennifer said...

I did end up getting this at the library, and we've all been enjoying it. We especially love finding the upside down baby on each page.