Friday, April 27, 2007


Last night was a local fundraiser event for a local crisis pregnancy center. No, it was not Planned Parenthood, but Birthright, an abortion alternative organization.

The speaker was Cal Thomas, and, man, his words packed a punch.

I went with a few girlfriends, and our husbands stayed at home and watched the children. It seems like that was the thing to do, for when we got there, there was a "ladies" table with women from my church, and the husbands had stayed at home.

I like to think that there was no mistake in that setup, for the message spoke volumes to women.

Mr. Thomas had a point. He said, "Women are the most deceived group in America." (Let alone the world.) Without taking on a victim mentality, which is never good, I have to agree.

Not only are they deceived into believing that an abortion is "ok" and "the right thing to do", they are also deceived into suppressing their God-given role, and, yes, I am talking about mothering, but I am mostly talking about nurturing.

Genesis 3:20 says, "And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because she was the mother of all living." Women are led to believe that this is a negative thing--a life giver--but this role, this nurturing, life-giver role is a very powerful thing.

Unless you are renewing your mind in the Truth, one can be brainwashed by the subtle and not-so-subtle influences of un-Truth regarding women as Life-givers.

I speak to my oldest daughter about this instinct. The Lord made us to be maternal. If a woman does not have children, then she will show maternal influences and instincts to something else--whether it be animals, the hurting, the elderly, or orphans. We are made to nurture, and denying that is unnatural.

I am reminded of this as I look at Mary Cassatt's painting, Women Admiring A Child. Whose child is that? Does she belong to the lady with the black collar? Does she belong to any of the ladies? Regardless, it is obvious what happens to a woman when she beholds a sweet child or newborn baby. These ladies are admiring the child...with longing? with love? With natural instinct. Cassatt captured a momment that plays out again and again in our culture, but for some reason it is suppressed with lies saying your body is your own (it's not), "Have it your way", and the like.

Pro-life is not just being anti-abortion, it is about promoting Life. Whether it be the helpless baby or the elderly parent, it goes across the board. Whether that be living your femaleness to the full by being a mother, or by being a nurturer.

Droves of women, unthinkingly, have followed the feminist agenda of the last few decades and turned from their female role to compete in the man's sphere. Inevitably, we have not only seen the devastating breakdown in family life, but the weakening of manhood....Instead of being life-givers to the world, they become life-stoppers, negating God's intention and purpose.~ Nancy Campbell


Amy Jane said...

Another angle of deception is how we are given an image of "femininity," and how beleiving it can be actually destructive to our physical and mental health.

(I am thinking here of the tiny gymnasts, and ultra-thin ballet dancers.

So few women have the body-type to pull that off without abusing their bodies.)

L.L. Barkat said...

I'm not sure it's bad to compete in a man's world, so to speak. The thing is that well-designed corporate environments allow for differing strengths and roles. Having women bring nurturance to business settings is probably extremely important for keeping those businesses focused on more than the bottom line. Such bottom-line businesses wreak havoc on the environment and social systems.

That said, I just finished writing something about why I decided to stay home and raise my kids. It was a hard decision at the time because I felt I would no longer be respected. And that is problematic. Women should be able to be moms, with all their heart and strength. This too supports the world's systems on so many levels.

goodlikeamedicine said...

I suspect that women who do not listen to the truth say that they are being nuturing by ridding themselves and the child of the unhappiness that would manifest by being born. Even words such as "nurture" have been twisted to fit our selfish desires.

Great post. I came originally to ask a "favor," which is please read my most recent post when you have a chance. It's been a hard week, and I'd love to hear your answers among some of my Christ-loving women friends :) (did you know you're the only person on my blogroll that I don't know personally?! I think if we lived in the same town we'd probably chit-chat a lot - when we have time - ha!)

Christine said...

I love this post. What a powerful event that must have been for you. Thanks for encouraging the nurturing instinct in all of us!

Natalee said...

Loved the post about your grandmother...and how you described her. It's so good to be reminded that our bodies are not our own. Thank you!

Anna said...

This was so great to read. I can share it with my daughter and have some thoughtful conversation.
Thanks Andrea.

Holly said...

I would have LOVED to have been there! Wow! :)

You're so right about the nurturing...I like seeing women sway from side to side as they watch another woman rock her own baby. It's so internal, so organic, so inborn. So...God given!

Mrs. Pivec said...

Found your blog throught Sara's - Walk Slowly, Live Wildly and thought I would just stop in and say hello.

Your post has reminded me to pull out my Power of Motherhood (by Nancy Campbell)study again and just soak in her affirming words.

Love your Cassatt pictures too. She is a favorite of mine!

bluemountainmama said...

i heard a similar talk once at unc-asheville.....from a lady that brought up a lot of similar points. one being that abortion is actually a crime against your own body.

and i think the whole "keep your laws off my body" is a misnomer, as a baby is a seperate being....not part of your own body. yes, the baby receives nourishment from your body while it is in the womb, but it is a unique individual with it's own dna and genetic make-up.

this is an excellent post and something that needs to be discussed as i also believe women are being deceived and need better options than abortion.

dorothy said...

Great post. I have to read some Nancy Campbell! I think nurter is one of the greatest gifts God has blessed us with as women. My favorite times in my day are when I'm lavishing nurture on my family. Also, what a blessing that as women, we can truly love the children of our sisters in Christ as we watch them grow. I love that Mary Cassatt painting! BTW, I had such fun, too!!