Thursday, May 10, 2007

I heart Spring

Now that we've had a few steady weeks of Spring-like weather, I can officially call it Spring. I hold tight to Spring in the Northeast, because it feels like you are waiting forever for it to come, and then it does, and then the humidity comes, and it's Summer.
So, to celebrate Spring, in all its glory, I am listing some of my favorite "Spring Things".

The Flip Flop.
Ah, yes, when I can break out my ever-loving flip flops, life is good. I live in these all summer and until I have to turn the heat on in my house (which, hopefully is November :) The pair shown above is from Havianas. These aren't your ordinary Old Navy flip flops, these are meant to last. I'm talking walk around New York City in these babies and they'll last. I just bought a pair this year, after wearing out my FloJos that I bought in 1999. Yes, 1999. Those are some good flip flops. I like to buy them in black to go with everything...and they don't show dirt!

The album that really reminds me of Spring for some reason is Nanci Griffith's Other Voices, Other Rooms. It's just that I love listening to it, with the windows rolled down in my car, singing along, really loud, pretending I'm Nanci. You know it's Spring when it's on the minivan CD turntable.

And, lastly, a new-to-me Spring Thing this year are the Izze drinks. They are not cheap, but fun to buy if you have guests over. My favorite is the pomegranate:

Mmm. They look so good. I want one now, in fact.

So, ladies, grab yourself an Izze, slip on those flip-flops, turn on Nanci Griffith, and let's enjoy Spring. And have a Happy Mother's Day you encouraged and blessed this weekend.


Anna said...

I am all ovver the flip flops Andrea. I love wearing them year round. Nice, huh? :) Hope that you are well there!

Beverly said...

Yay for Spring!

I love the flip flops ... I saw some on the website that I really liked. Might have to place an order!

I love driving around and singing at the top of my lungs as well in the spring/summer. My little 8 month old sings with me in her own way ... mouth wide open "ahh-ing" in her own tune.

Mrs Wibbs said...

Mmmmm...ermmm...ok. Confession-time: I have just placed an order for some Havaianas fli-flops! The internet is a dangerous place!! I am looking forward to getting them although the weather is not really flip-flop-wearing weather at the moment...but I live in hope. I do so love spring too, I find it to be a very revitalising season. Enjoy!!

Andrea said...

Mrs. W.
I realize I inadverdantly advertised for these shoes!! Honestly, I don't mean to promote consumerism. :/
Tee hee. But, these things LAST! So I feel much better about promoting them since they are sustainable...right?

L.L. Barkat said...

I sure wish my feet would cooperate on those, but my mouth definitely would on the pom stuff. Looks marvelous.

AIMEE said...

you know I am lovin' flip-flops and hardly wear anything else! I had seen those Izze drinks and now I will have to indulge :)

Kendra said...

Where I live you can wear flip-flops year round. My faves are Rainbows.

Sara said...

Ahhh flip flops. I love them! I have a pair of Chaco flips that never leave my feet all summer.

Another great thing about Izze...they are a "smaller" company based out of Boulder, of my favorite towns!

Happy Spring!

Miriam said...

I have to join the crowd and say "Yay, flip flops!" I have some black Tevas with pretty criss-cross straps that rarely leave my feet. I've had them for several years and they're still good as new - more advertising!

I love how everything feels new and reborn in favorite season! Hope fills the air.

Mama Monk said...

my flipflops suddenly broke on the weekend. so, after reading your post, i went a bought another pair:).

I am loving spring, too.

Susanne said...

Wish I could, 'cause they are so darn cute but I just Can't wear flip flops. :v(

It's been beautiful here in my part of Canada, too. We actually broke out the sunscreen the other day.

Rebecca said...

Hey Andrea, I've been wearing flip flops over here and get the strangest looks. Who cares, it feels too great. I've been watching red poppies appear in the field across the street. Soon it's going to be covered in red. Love the colors. Love Spring! (especially since I don't have to contend with the yellow pollen of the South East anymore!)

Elise said...

I forgot to comment on this the other day - but I was thinking that I wish I could wear flip flops all year round, like Kendra! I always prefer to be barefoot, but it makes the bottoms of me feet really rough - so flip flops are my fave! These are way cute.

And I must try that pomegranate drink...