Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Three books

As a young(er) wife and mother, providentially I read three books in the first months of my marriage that changed the course, and view, of my life.

The first being Martha Peace's The Excellent Wife. This book gave me a biblical example of marriage, and how I should be viewing my marriage relationship.

The second being Mary Pride's The Way Home, which revolutionized my thinking, and brought my role as a stay-at-home mother to an art form, as something sacred.

The third was Karey Swan's Hearth and Home. This book taught me how to stock my pantry, and cook for my family. Her ramblings within put everything about being a homekeeper into perspective.

Mary Cassatt "Young Lady Reading"


Sara said...

I also enjoyed The Excellent Wife...there is a workbook that goes with it that helps you work through the message more effectively.

Mama Monk said...

Great list! We are leaving next week on a month-long roadtrip. I think I will add them to my list of books to take along.

Jennifer said...

All three of these books are unknown to me. Thank you for the recommendations. I find a little encouragement in these areas is very helpful.