Friday, June 08, 2007


L.L.'s post Flirtatious reminded me that being flirtatious with my husband is a worthy and creative pursuit.

So much of my energy is focused on the home and children. It's very easy to neglect my husband's needs, especially when you have a husband who is not a needy husband. (By that, I am saying he is easy to please, although he does need me.)

So, in the midst of reading The Excellent Wife for my Women's Study Group, it's caused me to be more focused on my husband's needs...which is the way it should be.

Specifically, ways to flirt with my husband. Yes, he has me for life, but shouldn't I give him a little to wonder surprise reveal slowly and coquettishly? I like how L.L. likens God's prophecy to flirting. She says:

What is biblical predictive prophecy, after all, but a form of purposeful, redemptive flirtation, direct from the Word himself?

Sara Groves' song to her husband Fly, is one of "our" songs. She reminds her husband that the little things, the lingering looks, the tone of voice allow her to "Fly". It's very true, is it not?

So, tonight, when my husband comes in from work, perhaps I'll give him a longer look, a longer kiss... flirt a little more.

Mary Cassatt, Two Women at Theater


L.L. Barkat said...

A wonderful thought. I remember reading somewhere that it is small efforts such as these that warm a marriage in big ways... thus making it easier to ward off cold times of discontent.

Lovely post.

Mrs. Pivec said...

A very good reminder!

In recent days, the flirting has certainly come naturally, since we were apart for 10 days (the longest in our marriage!) while I was up north with my sister. After one of our "cuddle doses" my honey squeezed me and exclaimed, "Aren't reunions GREAT?!"

He was the BEST part about coming home!

Anna said...

HAVE FUN! I am a strong believer in all of this Andrea...the importance of courtship within marriage cannot be underestimated...and flirting is wonderful! :)

Thanks for your birthday birthday was on the 5th!

:) Have a good weekend!

goodlikeamedicine said...

Amazing - God has been teaching me / reminding me of these very things this week!

AIMEE said...

what a fun post!! with lots of children it's easy for our interactions to be that of co-workers instead of lovers. my children love it when they see Mike and I flirt, kiss, dance when making dinner...i need to not greet him with problems or directions on how to help, but with more grins, laughter, squeezes, and "sweet nothings"...
of course i can't say that I would like to look like those women in the Mary Cassatt painting!!! :) They look a little too prim for me :)

Alycia said...

This really spoke to my heart today. We just studied this last night at our Bible study. I am anxious to read your links. Thanks for sharing ~ you have a beautiful blog!

Kat said...

i was just going to say, that one behind the fan looks like a man.

i don't know why i'm leaving this comment.