Friday, July 13, 2007

8 Random Things You May Not Know About Me

So, Chrysalis tagged me for the "Eight Things Meme" that's been going around the blogosphere.

These are always interesting, so here goes:

1. I planned to go traveling in California after college, but made a pit stop in Utah, met my husband, and have since never made it to California.

2. I love this store.

3. I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina.

4. Mushrooms gross me out. But sometimes I will eat them.

5. My favorite album right now is Feist_The Reminder. I usually play an album over and over til I'm sick of it.

6. I don't like people reading over my shoulder.

7. I think a bed is the furniture you should invest wisely in, since you spend half your days there.

8. I was a cheerleader in high school. There were four Andrea's on the squad.(Out of 10 girls.) We all went by our last names.

And....your'e tagged! If you like!!


Sarah said...

I've nominated you for an award over at my site, check it out!

L.L. Barkat said...

Still not been to California... ah, how way leads on to way. :)

Joel and Jaime said...

I like your #7. We invested in a tempur-pedic bed during my second pregnancy, and have never regretted it :)
And by the way, how can you eat mushrooms if they gross you out? :)

e-Mom said...

Thanks for playing along! Lol, I don't like people reading over my shoulder either... especially my husband. :~)

So you (and three other Andreas) were a high school cheerleader? Fun times! (I was too). Nowadays, cheerleading is a lot more gymnastic/athletic than it once was. You must have been in great shape! {{{Hugs}}}

Andrea said...

Jaime--about the mushrooms..
I go in cycles. Right now they gross me out. But occasionally, if I like the way they are prepared.. I will eat them!

Miriam said...

That Feist CD looks pretty cool - I might just have to get it. I am the same way with listening to things over and over until they lose their appeal! You'd think we'd learn. :)

I really appreciated your last post as well... I just never quite pulled my thoughts together into a comment form. Loved viewing tension in terms of its artistic meaning.

goodlikeamedicine said...

I was a cheerleader, too - born in G'ville, too (grew up in S'burg)! :) Neat!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Interesting stuff. I was one of many many Jennifer's all through school as well, so I feel your pain on that one (and since one was in my direct group of friends, we also went by last names).

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I had a sneaky feeling you were the cheerleader type...all encouraging and stuff! :) Interesting stuff here. I love mushrooms by the way. MMMMM

Andrea said...

actually, I am an introvert (getting my energy from alone time), so it's quite odd I was a cheerleader! Not your typical stereotype. It was one of the only "sports" in high school I could see myself enjoying, and so I tried out and made it...I really enjoyed it, though.

Christine said...

Well, lately I don't spend even a quarter of my days in bed, unfortunately!

Cute story about your pit stop in Utah!

Aimee Waldrop said...

I'm from Greenville, too! Well, really Moonville. But not many people actually know where that is. So, are you really from Greenville, or do you just claim Greenville cause it's the closest city? I was a cheerleader, too, and like you am much more of an introvert than most people would expect. Once I learned more about introverts, it all started making sense.

Anyway, found your blog through Lindsey and have really enjoyed it!

Aimee (one of many "Amy's", but the only one who spelled it this way!)