Tuesday, July 24, 2007


What does it mean to be saturated? Webster's defines "saturate" as such:

1: to satisfy fully : SATIATE
2 : to treat, furnish, or charge with something to the point where no more can be absorbed, dissolved, or retained
3 a : to fill completely with something that permeates or pervades : to load to capacity
4 : to cause to combine until there is no further tendency to combine
synonym see SOAK

In order to fight for Joy in Motherhood, we need to have some God-saturated people around us: to encourage us, to pray with us, to learn from, to talk with. We need mothers who are God-saturated...who we can be soaked with.

Is there a woman in your life who is like that? Even if she does not fully possess all the qualities of a mother that you would like, you can "pick and choose", so to speak. If she is God-saturated, then perhaps she will motivate and encourage you with those behaviors.

Let's face it. We need those women, Titus 2, Aspiring Proverbs 31...whatever kind of mothers that we can look at and say: this lady does it with grace! How is it that she does it? If she can...well, I certainly can!

I tend to seek out such women. If there is a woman who I admire some part of her mothering skills, then I take notice. I ask questions, I try to spend time with them. I did this a lot when I was a new mother. Observing, listening...you can learn a lot.

Of course, you will never be exactly like them. That's the beautiful thing. You can take an aspect of their character, and use it in a million creative ways in your own life. And I would advise you to not wait around for that woman. Seek her out. Pray....you will find!

In the meantime, there are some wonderful God-saturated people here on the web. Surely, not a substitute for real, breathing, everyday flesh (because, frankly, aren't blogs a lot about just celebrating the good things?), but you can certainly find inspiration and encouragement here.

Two such sites I am thinking of. One is the beautiful blog Eyes of Wonder. Every time I go there I am blessed and lifted high as my role as a mother. The author of the blog, Jewels, is a true Titus 2 mentor right here on the web. Go there and be blessed.

Another site I am thinking of is Above Rubies. The articles here ooze God-saturated mothers, raising motherhood as an art, giving you satisfaction and practical help in your role. In fact, my blog is named after a study I loved that Nancy Campbell did: "The Flourishing Mother". They also have a free publication that you can be part of. The site has details, I am sure.

Surround yourself with God-saturated people in this Fight for Joy. Of course, my series is specifically on Fighting for Joy in Motherhood, but it is certainly ideas that will help you in all areas of your life.


Brenda said...

I had never heard of a "Titus 2 woman" or a "Proverbs 31 woman" until a few years ago and that was on the web! Most all of my good examples are from the internet. It's sad in a way--wish I knew a few more in real life. But, maybe I am supposed to be an example to others?
Don't think I could do it without the encouragement I recieve online, though.

Beck said...

Like Brenda, I wish I knew more women like that, too - although I do have many good Christian friends.

tonia said...

So good, Andrea. I have had difficulty finding such women in my "real" life, but the Lord has provided SUCH encouragement and inspiration on the web. I am truly grateful for His provision. Often, when I am discouraged or wandering in my purpose, I come to blogs like yours and read a little to regain my mothering footing.

Thank you for being a part of my circle. You bless me.

Andrea said...

Here's the thing, ladies.
Even though you might not have one woman in your life who displays all the qualities you would like to have as a mother, woman, or Christian, you can find at least *one* quality in a mother or Christian woman that you admire, and go from there.
I find I can even learn "Proverbs 31" qualities from mothers who have been doing it for less time than I have!
There may not be *one specific woman* like that in your life, but certainly you can find the characteristics in *many* women around you.

e-Mom said...

What a lovely image: God-saturated. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every Christian woman aspired to that? Thanks for sharing. :~)

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I just recently found eyes of wonder and completely agree....

And Andrea, YOU are one of these women too, you know. Be proud of that sister. (humbly proud in a good way of course!)

tonia said...

I hear what you are saying, Andrea. I totally agree - I guess I didn't think out my response very well. :) Yes, God provides different gifts in different women and it is a joy discovering those things in each of the women God bless us with.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Regarding your point about blogging celebrating the good things--yes, that can get in the way of authenticity, but I think that sometimes we are more willing to share the bad over the www as well. I think it's so important to read about great moments of mothering (or to share them for real with a friend).

To me, it's not like bragging, it's inspiration. The bad moments are a leveler as well, and equally important, since we are all just striving to do better. In recognizing our less-than-proud moments we are inching towards "better."

Andrea said...


I like what you said here:

"The bad moments are a leveler as well, and equally important, since we are all just striving to do better. In recognizing our less-than-proud moments we are inching towards "better.""

You are right.

I guess my point about blogs being mostly about "good things", is because, to some degree, we have control about what we share in the end. Granted, we should all try to be authentic in sharing our lives on the web, but we still have that choice what to expose, and to what degree.

A real live person is more apt to show "the good and the bad", so to speak. You can see them working out the dailyness in their lives, in person. And sometimes that is more helpful than just reading about it. But they are both good.

Elise said...

Oh, yes - Above Rubies. I love that little place, and Nancy's devotionals are always a God-send.

I tend to seek these kinds of women out, too, and it helps me in this mama-walk so much. You are one of them, friend!

I will look into Eyes of Wonder soon, thank you.