Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The best way

My plans go awry too many times than I can count. What was supposed to be a week of planning and organzing for the upcoming school year has turned into Chaos Central: an extra mouth to feed*, another person to care for, more squabbles to intervene into.

Adding on to the pressure of returning from vacation: unpacked suitcases, re-orientation--you know the drill.

An impromptu beach trip this weekend: I'm grateful for the getaway, but this mama needs some time to regroup before the school year starts. (Not to mention, time to plan. I'm wired that way.)

Five loud children in the van: I want to tune it out, ignore the there a babysitter around? anyone I can call? My first inclination is to escape: in my mind, or by body.

But I'm I have, over and over and over. You know, that day I realized I am responsible, and no one else will take over my job. (I'm still learning.)

Often, the best way out is through.

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*my nephew is here this week


Llama Momma said...

Amen, sister. God gives us the grace we need to moment at a time.

Beverly said...

This is soooo my week, Andrea. Not the preparation for homeschooling, but the busyness and the need to have time to plan. Also the unexpected interruptions.
But yes, no one else will do it, and I must -- I must wade through it. Wonderful reminder, and I'll whisper a prayer for you.

Goodlikeamedicine said...

Yes, Yes! Amen.

Preach it to yourself (and in doing so to the rest of us)!

Walking downstairs to enter "lunchtime meltdown hour" in light of this is no different than the nervous executive preparing for his presentation on the 12th floor of a Wall Street firm :)

Betty said...

This is almost exactly what I blogged about today. It's been a quite month in that area, but it's because there's been so much in our lives that I've not had the words or energy to communicate them!

Traveling is hard. I know. Plan as you go, but don't let it keep you from picking up a good read aloud and starting there. That's something I'm still learning.

Yes, it still hits me hard to realize that no one is going to rescue me from my circumstances or screaming children. I think by the time it sinks in, I'll have an empty nest.

Keep fighting for joy. I will too. I will also remember that the best way out is through. Very good.


Deb said...

I was at home alone for an entire week (while dh was rock-climbing and rapelling in CO) with four children with fevers, fighting one myself. I couldn't even (with good conscience) use the babysitter I'd lined up several nights that week--for a break. It was truly a week of having to be in submission (bodily) to God, but struggling to be submissive spiritually to His plans.

Andrea said...

Oh, wow, Deb, I hear ya.
You survived, right?! I can't believe you were sick, too. I know exactly what you are saying.