Saturday, September 15, 2007

Teens cook

I have to confess, some of my reasons for "domesticating" my oldest daughter are selfish. I want her to become a fabulous cook and cook for me!!

Last Spring, I gave her the book Teens Cook: What to cook what you want to eat. This book has some great recipes! My daughter has been enthralled by it every since I gave it to her. She pours over it, reading and pondering (and making many!) of the recipes, much to this proud mama's delight.

Tonight we made Chicken Piccata together. She did the pilaf, I did the chicken. It came out fabulous!

Great book: nice photos, clear explanations, even some vegetarian stuff. A good introduction to making "what they want to eat."


Terry said...

I'm going to get my hands on this cookbook. Sounds tailor made for teens. I've got 3 girls- 13, and 12 yr.old twins. We bake together alot but we haven't cooked many main dishes together. Thanks for the tip.

Terry said...

I said I have 3 girls-I actually have 4. We've got a toddler, but she can't cook yet.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

My curiosity and enjoyment of cooking started in my early teens. I've often been very thankful that it is something that I can enjoy creatively since it's a task that has to be done.