Friday, October 19, 2007

Making work pleasant

One of the many tid-bits stored up in my mama mind is how to make work fun around this house. I don't always do a good job of it: [Insert name here]! Clean up your toys!" is a frequent saying of mine. My children are the most wonderful little things to me, but they do not always see a job that needs to be done, and do it. (Shocking, I know.)

For me, the chores never end. It's part of the job, and while I'm really not complaining here, (really!) I'm just sayin' how it is: it gets tiring.

When I'm so tired, and the last thing I want to do is change a diaper or wash another dish, I do it with a song. I love the old, not so well-known nursery rhymes like this one:

Hush-A-Bye, baby,
Daddy's away
Brothers and sisters
Have gone out to play;
But here by your cradle,
Dear baby, I'll keep,
To guard you from danger,
And sing you to sleep.

I don't know, it just brings out the motherly, nurturing instincts to say those words to your baby. Another idea in tedious chores for children is while brushing their teeth, getting them dressed, washing their hands (yet, again!), singing to the tune of "Do you know the Muffin Man?":

These are the hands of the boy I love, the boy I love, the boy I love. These are the hands of the boy I love and his name is [First name, last name]!

(or "This is the bum of the boy I love..." you get the picture. *smile*)

There are so many other ways to make work pleasant around the house for yourself and your children. Play games, set timers, play worship music. Singing while doing unpleasant, tiring, or tedious chores is just one of those ways I can "do everything without complaining or arguing." Or... at least try to.


Goodlikeamedicine said...


We clean up the toys singing the ABC song and try to get the last toy in its place before we get to "Z." It's really fun since they are still so little!

Courtney said...

Love these ideas, my mama friend!

Kendra said...

What sweet ideas, Andrea. Over here, we have a couple of mix cds with good , fast music on them that get us going during our afternoon - before daddy gets home clean up time. That way, we can take short breaks to dance a little while we work.

Jana said...

These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I DETEST brushing my kids' teeth, and I have to admit I'm a total slacker with washing their hands and combing the girls' hair. I'm gonna give your ideas a try.

tonia said...

Just lovely, Andrea. I like your approach....a pastor told me specifically one time that my house needed to be filled with singing...
I'm thinking of that now in light of what you wrote.


:..Rebekah..: said...

Much-needed reminder for me! I feel like I'm in a hurry so much of the time that I zip through everything. I've never heard the "These are the hands(or whatever part) of the boy/girl I love" song. I love it!

Christine said...

Such good words! In our home we sing Raffi's "Brush your teeth" song for that particular activity!! I'll have to think of some more fun ways to break the tediousness of our everyday tasks!

Mary Brooke said...

These ideas really spur me on in my role as mother to little ones! Thank you! I'm going to find the tune to the muffin man online. Reading "Above Rubies" the past few years has taught me that the repetitive tasks are serving God and that has really helped. Mary Brooke

Brenda said...

OK, sometimes the shortest posts get me going...

1. Some swear that putting an apron on gets them going. I've tried it, and it is a bit like putting a uniform on. It's gets you in work mode.
2. If you can't stand one more time of the "Barney clean up song" (Clean up, clean up everybody everywhere...)Here's one my study group wrote during college (Elementary Ed majors have all the fun): To the tune of "This Old Man"
First we mess, then we clean
We're just mean, clean machines
With a pick up, straighten up,
Put it all away
This room will get clean today.
3. And...I model doing all things without complaining or arguing, but the children don't seem to be taking the example. I think I will try thinking out loud. "Boy it seems like I just cleaned this kitchen! But, I am so thankful to have a house that is all ours so I can take care of my family. AND, I want Daddy to come home to a nice house, so I will clean it again!" (spoken cheerfully)

Mindy said...

thanks for the encouragement!