Sunday, October 14, 2007

Paper Clips

My sweet friend Courtney, at her lovely blog Digging To China, has been waiting a looonnngggg time for her baby from China to arrive. Keep prayin', y'all.

In the meantime, she passes the time learning to be a homemaker, and among other things; being a watcher of movies.

She mentioned the film Paper Clips in a post awhile ago. I put it on the Netflix Queue, and received it rather quickly. It sat at my bedside for months. I guess I didn't want to committ to the emotion it would bring out.

Last night we "threw it on" (oh, haha, I am laughing about that!), but I'm so glad we did.

Not only was it about the Holocaust, but so. much. more. I'm still thinking about it today.

I am officially recommending this movie! You will be fascinated watching it. Words cannot describe it. See it.


Monica said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to put it on my Netflix queue today.

Sarah said...

Okay, I'll put it on our netflix. If you like foreign films, I recommend Veer-Zaara. It's an Indian film with lots of wonderful music and dancing and a beautiful love story to boot.
Love, Sarah

Jana said...

I have this on my to-watch list, along with Ushpizin, which you reviewed a couple of months ago. This looks REALLY good.

Thanks again, Andrea, for commenting on my dilemma. Your comment today GREATLY encouraged me. I know you're right about not allowing my age to bother me. And it is nice to hear that my style is unique. I guess that counts for something!

I really appreciate you.

Terry said...

I've never heard of this movie, but I'll have to check it out.

tonia said...

I am beginning to mourn the loss of my TV and cancelled Netflix account.