Friday, November 02, 2007

Living and learning, simply

It's funny to think that even after living with someone for 9 years, that you still can learn something new about them. I know this is not odd or unusual, for even couples who have lived together for 50+ years are still learning new things about each other. ( I hope so, anyway!) It's just exciting when you see a new perspective on your mate, or understand a bit more where he's coming from. It makes understanding and living with that person much easier. It brings a new dimension to the relationship.

The Lord knows us inside out, and nothing will surprise Him. The Westminster Catechism says: Q. Does God know all things?, in which you answer: A. Yes, nothing can be hidden from God. The very hairs on our heads are numbered, he is familiar with all our ways.

And since He knows us so well, all of life's answers can be found, simply, in His Word. Our first thought in assessing anything should be "in Him". It is all in Him.

What's so amazing is that our lives are indeed very complicated. While there are no explicit answers in His Word as to how to deal specifically with any given situation, there are instructions on dealings with every area of life. If you seek, you will find. If you abide in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart.

This life would be boring if we knew all the answers. The Lord made it so that even though He knows us so well, much of life for us is a mystery. If I can get excited about seeing a new and different perspective in my husband's and I's relationship, then just imagine the wonderful mysteries that will unfold as I abide in Him, seeking to give Him the glory.


salina said...

I agree, it's so nice when my husband will actually open up a bit when it comes to his feelings.
He doesn't do that often and it does make things difficult at times. I wish he would realize sometimes how much he and I are are missing in our relationship when he choses not to hear me out or speak of his own thoughts or feelings. I have high hopes though that maybe one day he will begin to see and feel how great it is to let it out once in a while without waiting so long to the point that when it does come out that it's done in a negative manner.
Anyway, I think I may have vented a bit, so I thank you for that and I hope you don't mind. :)

Monica said...

I find such comfort in knowing that God knows me so intimately!