Thursday, November 29, 2007


I make no apologies. I do quite a bit of navel-gazing here on this site. What started out as a place to organize my thoughts has become so much more to me. Because of this, I always feel the need to question: Is this blog about me or the Lord? Granted, it is a lot about me. But my hope is that it's a place to encourage, and to direct all things back to Him. I have in my mind boundaries of where I will go in what I discuss on here. Mostly, I think it's a place where I just preach to myself. :) I am certainly not "there", whatever "there" means, in regards to a lot of what I talk about. We all are works in progress, and God does not expect perfection, only desire.

Likewise, in order not to follow the "mainstream" of our culture, where all decisions are seemingly made for us, and we just "go with the flow", it's important to be purposeful in our decisions, and our goals in life. This is not as easy as it sounds. As a Christian, it's asking, "How can I glorify God?", and the Westminster Catechism answers that nicely for us that like precise answers: "By loving Him and doing what He commands." One of the reasons I love listening to John Piper is that He always brings it back to what's important: In all things, glorify God.

In addition to starting my day with "this is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad", I also should be saying, "is what I am doing today giving glory to God?" Basically, Is this life about me or the Lord?

You, Lord, give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you."~Isaiah 26:3


Miriam said...

Andrea, I so appreciate your constant desire to glorify God, and your thoughts and reflections of what that kind of life can look like. You *do* glorify Him well, friend.

I've always liked John Piper's take on the Westminster Confession: "The chief end of man is to glorify God *by* enjoying Him forever." What a thought... what wonder our lives would be opened to if we could just learn to truly enjoy God in all things! :) And how amazing that He wants our lives to be wrapped up in enjoyment.

Courtney said...

A nice reminder of where the foundation of our reflection should be. I love reading your thoughts and I don't mind any navel-gazing here and there ;) because you always have purpose behind your words.

Goodlikeamedicine said...

I agree and have the same hopes for my time writing posts.

I like coming here because there is a reverence in your writings, an acknowledgment that God is listening to what you have to say about Him, yourself, and the world. I don't stay long on blogs where there is a flippancy, borderline vulgarity or an aroma of self-worship masked in complaining, self-degradation, or sarcasm. Life is just too short, and I feel guilty for wasting my time reading stuff like that. I know some people have a more sarcastic personality, but it just doesn't groove with me.

I also know my own tendencies towards idolatry in the forms of perfectionism and legalism, and for the sake of my soul and my family I steer clear of those places where people are bickering about the perimeters and pointing fingers and throwing stones as if God's grace had all but disappeared.

Thank you for taking time away from the more important priorities to reflect on God's hand in those priorities. Mothers who are a little farther behind on the road like me really appreciate reading your heart! :)

Elise said...

Amen, sister. It's funny that I hadn't read this before we talked, and I was thinking on the same things! Being purposeful in all we do, especially sharing in a place that is sure to influence others, whether we intend to or not, is so important.
Love you!

Terry said...

I never knew what navel-gazing meant, so thanks for the education on that one. And you're right, it's easy to do a lot of that in a forum like this one. Thanks for the reminder to keep our eye on the real prize: being more like Christ.

:..Rebekah..: said...

I am so thankful that God has led me to your blog! I am so encouraged and blessed when I visit with you. Thank you for reminding me to be purposeful every day in bringing glory and honor to our Lord.