Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just in time

My oldest daughter finally received a much awaited cell phone for her Christmas present this year. She has asked for it many times over the past year and a half, but our pat answer has always been: "When you can pay for it, you can get it." She never really liked that reply.

The reason for this "delay", if you will, is that she doesn't really need a cell phone. Honestly, it's just a toy for her. (Honestly, who really needs cell phones? That's a post for another day.) But her grandmother insisted on paying for it, and it was just perfect timing to get it for her. One--she has proven herself responsible and trustworthy, Two--we wanted to do something nice for her, and Three--it was totally unexpected.

So, on Christmas morning, she was duly surprised. I have to say I never thought I would get teary-eyed about giving my daughter a cell phone, but she was just so surprised and excited and thankful, I can see why I did. Giving her this present at this particular time made her respond in a way that in any other circumstance, she might not.

Which makes me truly think about God's timing. He always does things "just in time". When you think your rope is at an end, when you think there is no solution, when the money's run out, He steps in and orchestrates His music so perfectly in time. It cannot be slowed or rushed.

I'm thinking a lot about God's timing because I believe this coming year is going to hold a lot of changes for our family. A lot of logistical things that cannot be thought or planned about, but supernaturally have to come together in God's perfect timing. It makes no sense to fret or worry or plan a lot of these things. It makes sense to rest in His arms, knowing He will do all things in His perfect time.


Courtney said...

We just cancelled our cell phone today in fact! Ha!
But on a serious note, this is a beautiful post! I often daydream about the day when I can ask God directly, "Now tell me again how you wove all those details together that became my life?" I'm surprised all the time by God's perfect timing!

Anonymous said...

Andrea- That was a sweet post. :) I hope ya'll had a great Christmas. We enjoyed your card!

Natalee said...

i needed that post. big time.

Beck said...

This is a lovely post.
My husband has a cell phone, finally - he has a long commute over treacherous, mostly uninhabited roads, and for his safety I like him being able to phone if he was in trouble.

Terry said...

How did we ever live without cell phones before? Most of us can hardly remember! We survived somehow:0). I'm happy that your daughter is happy.

Brenda said...

Yep, God sees the big picture and man's wisdom is His foolishness. There is no telling what He has up His sleeve!!

Marybeth said...

This is exactly why my daughter got a cell phone-- we told her she had to wait and she humbly accepted that answer, even though she didn't exactly like the answer. She was so totally surprised and grateful when she got it, it made it worth it. When someone is grateful, it makes the gift so much sweeter to give. The funny thing is, her grandmother also offered to pay for it!!

kari jo said...

i love the way you said it,
that things will come together
supernaturally and that
so much of our year can't be planned.
here we go!
kari jo