Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tra-di-tion!! (said "Fiddler on the Roof" style)

We have our own December Check List around here. Oh, how I love thee, check lists! It's a love/hate relationship, of course. But I digress. Come December 1st, you'll find me with my trusty clipboard, manically writing out lists and micro-managing my family's time on the calender. If that doesn't sound like fun, it actually is; for me, as long as I remember that control is an illusion. Having the plans and the lists are a tool, and they are not bound by the law of mama. Somewhat. A-hem.

That being said, here are some traditions here in the Flourishing Mother family: (my "December List", if you will:)

~get Christmas tree and put up decorations

~put out Jesus' jar (we collect money for Jesus' birthday throughout the month, then use the money for His "gift" help others.)

~do Advent readings

~Christmas cards and Christmas card pictures

~watch a Christmas movie together

~go to a Christmas show (last year it was Radio City, this year it's the local Nutcracker)

~celebrate #2's birthday

~keep a Christmas card prayer box

~draw "Secret Santa" names within the family (gifts must be service or handmade)

~read all our Christmas books that were in storage

~do a few Christmas crafts

~bake cookies for neighbors and friends--a baking day (or two or three!)

~donate food or service to local soup kitchens

~shop for presents

~eat a Christmas Eve dinner of fajitas with red and green peppers

~go to Christmas Eve service

~sing at the nursing home

~get out the Christmas music (loving this.)

~do a Thanksgiving journal

~have a Christmas "date" with each child

~angel tree gifts to shop for

Some years we do all, some years just some. It's just the way it goes. I don't want to be "bound" by tradition, but I do want to embrace them. It's that balance that can make the holidays go by so much more smoother. And when Jesus is the "hub", then the wheel turns all the more smoother. What are your "traditions"? If you write a post, let me know.


Sheila said...

We have a few traditions. We have an advent calendar. We do Christmas photos and a letter. We haven't gotten our tree up yet but I'm OK with that.

I'm curious about your Christmas books. I'm looking to add to our collection. My boys are 2 and 4 and my oldest reads on his own. Any ideas?

Terry said...

Long list! I like your approach, though. The holidays can be overwhelming sometimes without a plan. Merry Christmas!

kari jo said...

jesus jar, brilliant.
love it.
happy december!
love, kari jo

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I love the idea of your Jesus jar. How neat!

we do the usual tree, cookie baking and the like. However each year I try to do something different. One year we went to the theater to see A Christmas Carol. Another year we went to a big lights festival nearby. This year we went to "Christmas Castle" a local castle (yes, in NC) decorated with lights and festivities. I try to find a new community thing to do each year. It is a fun thing for our family.

Beverly said...

We are just getting into the whole family traditions thing - especially now that we have Selena. We put up our tree and decorate Thanksgiving weekend. We watch Its a Wonderful Life while wrapping gifts. We try to give to some who aren't as fortunate. I want to take Lena to a village nearby where they have tons of lights. I'm curious about your Christmas Card Prayer Box. Do you pray for those who send you cards? It sounds like a great idea!!

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L.L. Barkat said...

Really like that Jar idea. Do you give the proceeds to a particular charity?

Elise said...

I might go into our traditions in a post sometime... too lazy to write it all out right now. Ha!
But I loved reading your hopes for the season... they're wonderful. I might add a few to mine, as long as it doesn't get too crazy! :)