Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Traditions, continued

A couple of people commented on the Jesus Jar. We put a jar on the kitchen counter and put a sign on it that says: "Birthday Present for Jesus". Of course the younger ones who are "not in the know" that year want to give their money to Jesus for a Birthday present! Those who are "in the know" know eventually where that money will go and want to put their money in the jar. Over the course of the month, we contribute. On Christmas Eve we count the money and think: "What could Jesus possibly want for His birthday/Christmas? He has everything!!" Then of course we all decide that He would want the money to go towards helping someone. Then we talk and decide where it should go. The World Vision catalogs are good for the littles, because they can actually "see" what they are buying and where it is going. (I want to buy a goat, mama! Or water! Or Bibles!) I love this tradition. Young and old get excited about it.

Beverly asked about the Christmas card box. After the holidays we put all the Christmas cards we have received into a basket to be placed on the kitchen table. Every evening at dinner, we draw a card and pray for that family/person along with our mealtime prayer. Be forewarned, that basket will sit on your kitchen table til March!! That's ok. We feel committed to pray until they are all gone!


Miriam said...

Andrea, I loved the Jesus Jar idea when I saw it and had thought we might do it in conjunction with the World Vision catalog (we had decided a while back we wanted to have the children pick things from there somehow this year). So it was neat to read that's what you do!

And your other traditions... so rich! How fun to get to go to Radio City... NYC has its perks, eh?

Elise said...

Oh, I love the Christmas card idea! I never quite know what to do with all of them... You are brilliant! Thanks for sharing these!

Courtney said...

Love the Christmas Card Prayer Box! How awesome!

Beverly said...

Love BOTH ideas! Thanks for explaining the Prayer Box! I want to do that at our house. :-)