Monday, January 28, 2008

Children's Book Monday: Joseph Had A Little Overcoat

It's been awhile since I've posted, but it's been a real long while since I've done a Children's Book Monday, hosted by the wording wonder Elise at her delightful blog "A Path Made Straight".

I'm so excited to share this book today. We love the author Simms Taback, having owned one of his books There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly.
This one has the same folksy, bright, die-cut format of artwork (which was awarded a Caldecott Medal), and a charming little tale to boot. It also spurred us on to be frugal and useful.

Joseph had a little overcoat, but it got "old and worn", so he made a jacket out of it. When that got "old and worn", he made a vest. You and your children will delight in Joseph's lessons in frugality, contentment, and resourcefulness. It's also hilarious. In fact, after the story we had a wonderful discussion on how we could use things we already own instead of buying something new. I had some old sweaters on the floor in my closet that I couldn't wear anymore because some pesky moths ate some holes in them. I was saving them for a project of some sort, but I didn't know what. My daughter had the idea of using the arms for legwarmers when she does her ballet and tap classes! I thought that was an ingenious idea, and so we got to work cutting the sweater up for that purpose.  (I found a great tutorial here.)

The rest of the afternoon, my girls cut up the old sweaters and made doll scarves, doll blankets, headbands, a vest, a creative! And I loved that this book spurred us on that way!

 If you just can't wait to go to the library, there is a digital version of the book here.


Beck said...

We love that book! So much that we loved all of the pages out of it! If we were really being true to the book's spirit, we'd have made something new and useful out of it at that point, I guess.

Joni said...

We love this one too and Tabacks' version of "The House the Jack Built".

Elise said...

This looks precious! We've read "The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly" and loved it, and this looks even better- what a wonderful lesson!
Thanks for joining today- I wasn't able to post a review, but I provided a Mr. Linky for you all anyway- come and link so everyone can read your review! :)

mary Brooke said...

Looks great. Thank you. Mary Brooke

Edi said...

I came across that book during the past year and loved it too!

kari jo said...

you've got great taste.
we love that book, as well.
though i can never figure
out the tune to sing it,
so we just read it.
joseph certainly is
an optimistic guy;
i've got a lot to learn from him.

Sheila said...

Thanks! I had not heard of that book. I'm always looking for book ideas for my sons.

Courtney said...

Very cool! I'll have to get the book!

Cora said...

Well said.