Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Now is the time that bloggers (and people, for that matter) are posting books to read and resolutions. I'm a sucker for both. However, I'm also a big list maker, and combining "must reads", "resolutions", and "lists" together has the potential to create dangerous things. I'm not a god, only human, you know. I shudder to think how long that list would be!!

So, I'm trying to keep restraint on my "goals" this year. Realistically, three would be good. So, I'll be thinking a lot on what those three could be.

As far as books, I am also going to make a book list of all the books that are beside my bed that I want to read, but don't. If you are a reader, you know what I'm talkin' about. I'll be sure to post my list as well, since I love seeing what people read. Maybe you will, too.

Look for them both later in the week.

"Let January open with joy in the Lord, and December close with gladness in Jesus." ~Charles Spurgeon


tonia said...

mmm...i love reading lists. :)

i'm in full, happy, list-making mode right now too.

looking forward to seeing yours!

Beck said...

I love making lists. Right now, mine are:
1) to faithfully keep a prayer journal
2) to lose the weight that I need to lose
3) to work on being a better wife and mother.

AIMEE said...

it's so funny...i was going to be in rebellion in making a new years goal list in my blog and look what I did this afternoon when a bit of boredom mixed with inspiration combined! I just can't stay away from lists, goals, ideals...which are way fun if you just don't beat yourself up over them! love the Spurgeon quote! going to copy it in my little quote book and head to bed :)

On My Mind said...

Just thought that I'd let you know... after reading your profile page and seeing your recommendation of "For the Children's Sake," I went to another site and bought a copy for myself. Can't wait to get it, and thanks for your great blog :)


Elise said...

*Three* sounds absolutely lovely! I will be thinking on mine as well in the days to come, as well as a book list - hooray for books! :)
Love you.

Mary Brooke said...

Andrea, When do you have time to read, Mama? So many great books, so little time. I love the Happy New Year quote. Mary Brooke

Anonymous said...

Andrea- I have a stack of books by my side of the bed as well. Many I have read "part of". :)

Terry said...

I have a short goal list this year, too. It increases the odds that I might actually accomplish one or two. Praying success for you as you embark upon your goals for 2008.