Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Some Most things are left undone around here. It's something I struggle with. Laundry needs to be done, a closet cleaned, a budget re-assessed, priorities evaluated. I confess, sometimes I just want it all done. But I'm thinking about Isaiah. How he had to be "undone" in God's presence before he could answer the call. And how God will not do anything with us til he has first of all undone us. And so I'm trying to be thankful for all the "undone" things. (So paradoxical, so very, very hard.) But it makes it sweeter to know that this "undoneness", if you will, is a GOOD place to be. For it draws me to God, and makes me dependent on Him for all the things out of my control. (Because, you know, He is in control. Isaiah saw Him on the throne.

The effect of that live coal will be to fire the lip with heavenly flame. Oh, says one man, a flaming coal will burn the lip so that the man cannot speak at all. That is just how God works with us. It is by consuming the fleshly power that he inspires the heavenly might. Oh, let the lip be burnt, let the fleshly power of eloquence be destroyed, but oh for that live coal to make the tongue eloquent with heaven's flame, the true divine power which urged the Apostles forward and made them conquerors of the whole world. ~Spurgeon

This post is for specifically Amy and Holly, livin' life with "Three under three" (plus a few more.) It's also for all of you in a state of "undoneness"...let's be thankful!

A special thank you to Dear Elise. I love what she wrote to me in an email this week: " And then I remembered that it's just a season, and some days it's okay if things are a little crazier- I just need to remember to be calm and sweet. It helps." Thank you, friend.


Holly said...

Ah, so sweet. Thank you so much, Andrea. :)

And 'tis true. Each word of it.

In the midst of the craziness, HE refines, and sanctifies, and holds and comforts...HE is there! It is good to cling to Him, isn't it?

And each one of my little crazy sweeties is so precious...! (Just peeked at their sleeping forms...) :)

Elise said...

Oh goodness. Re-reading my words to you this past week, I think perhaps I sound a wee bit like Alice in Wonderland- "singing songs to a troubled heart." I did not mean to be glib- it is always a struggle for me to be sweet, and it just. isn't. that. simple. But you know I love you, Andrea. :)

I want to be undone- so he can do something with me! Oh, burn my lips, that I might not speak at all. Making room for Him.

Thank you for this. I would gladly come over tonight and fold your whites and sweep your floors. May I?

Sara said...

What a wonderful post. You always have a way of speaking straight to my heart. I love that passage in Isaiah too...Spurgeon is amazing. I've been pondering "dying to self" lately...and this fits right in. Dying to my desires for perfection...
and letting Him take over.

Andrea said...

Yes, Holly, it's good to cling to Him. :)

Elise--doesn't matter if it's "glib". :) (it wasn't by the way.) Your words "worked" for me. I know it's not easy. Take a simple verse like "Love one another." That's not easy! But it's simple and something to work towards.

Sara--yes, dying to self. When we are undone, we can get to that place easier!!

Brenda said...

Oh Andrea---we are SO undone over here at our house!!!!!!

Thanks for the encouragement.

Terry said...

Thank you for painting my "undoneness" in such a beautiful light! This was just the encouraging word I need right now.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

How sweet of you to share your heart as a means of encouragement.

I never ever feel like everything is done. I find that I just have to think of it all as a process, always. I think that helps--especially if I look back and see what has progressed and been accomplished.

Christine said...

Laundry undone? Yes. Dishes in the sink? Yes. I love that God will use us when we're undone. Thanks, Andrea, for these thoughts of encouragement!

laura said...

my husband frequently teases that i am an un-finisher. i crave the finished product (perhaps that's why i blog?) since most of being a wife, mother, homeschooler,and homemaker is done "in between" the other things. thank you, friend, for reminding me that the Lord uses us in our un-doneness.

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