Friday, February 08, 2008

Weekend reads

A few links to enjoy this weekend:


Have you seen this kid's craft site? Beautiful, simple things. You can subscribe and they send you a newsletter every week with a craft.
This is good, too.
A beautiful Lenten craft


More yummy salad recipes:

My winter salad
Yummy, yummy soup and salad recipe

Care to share more salad recipe links with me? I'm on a roll...


This is funny. I can relate.


What's your "Bucket List"?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Good soup recipe for you.
makes only 4 servings so you may get by.
4-6 medium zucchinis,sliced
4 Laughing Cow cheese wedges(regular)
Let cheese come to room temp.Boil the squash until they are really soft.Drain the water from the cooked squash into a bowl.Turn burner off and,using a mixer or blender,add the Laughing Cow wedges
and mix until smoothand can add some of the water if you don't want it real thick.Season with salt and pepper.
you can either peel the zucchinis or leave the peel on,no difference..MMMMgood..Aunt Sandra

laurel said...

Thanks for the link! Very kind of you. I am looking forward to seeing your "bucket list". I have just discovered design mom's blog and I love it. I hadn't read that post about all the kid crafts, so thank you for pointing it out. i have decided to homeschool next year and am all-of-a-sudden getting really excited about crafts. Weird...but I am very thankful. Anyway, have a great week-end!

L.L. Barkat said...

Yes, that was funny! The life of a mom. :)

Hope Wilson said...

Thanks for the kids craft website...look forward to the weekly emails with craft ideas!

Courtney said...

Hey Andrea,
I love the salad posts! I'll be trying out a few of your recipes. Here is a winter salad that will knock your socks off that I got from Alison at Whole Gourmet. Go to

Try the Baby Spinach Salad with Curried Apples and Onions.Puts the UM in YUM~!

Sheila said...

Thanks for the link to By Sun and Candlelight. I'd forgotten about her lovely blog.

I love to make crafts with my boys. Sometimes I'm more into it than they are. I need a girl. :)

AIMEE said...

I have been more crafty with the kiddos since the Christmas season than I have their whole lives! Don't know why, but it's been fun! I signed up for the Kid Craft Weekly about 2-3 weeks ago...great stuff. has GREAT kiddo ideas too.
Love the Lent ideas...I have never done anything with the kids with Lent but wanted to for this year.
My fave salad (mainly in the summers) is Romaine with sliced Gala apples, sugared pecans, blue cheese chunks with Raspberry Vinaigrette.
Love Laurel's bucket list and need to ponder some more :)
Thanks for all the great links!

Ann Kroeker said...

Hello, Andrea! I just wanted to leave you a little note that today I passed along the "Spread the Love" award to you, because you graciously and earnestly spread the love of Jesus through your blog.