Sunday, March 16, 2008

Catching up

Bloggy Love
First of all, thank you, thank you for all the bloggy love on my two year post. I can't believe I have been doing this that long! But it's been great. And I really enjoyed the "new faces". That's the best part. Making connections. So...thank you.

The winner of the Stepping Heavenward book is (dum da dum) Jen from "Cupcakes and Cartwheels" (Isn't that a great blog name?) Jen--thanks for your comment! Email me your address and I will get your book out to you.
What about lunch?
Many of you have asked when I will do a lunch series. Come on, now, do you really think I have it all together? ;) Sadly, lunch in my home needs some revamping. I've got all the usual suspects: PB and J, Mac and cheese, Quesadillas. So my next project is to focus some attention on this poor meal in my day. I like quick and healthy lunches. Of course you all will be the first to know when I get this part of my life together and feel I can share it. Until then, if you have any good lunch ideas, I would love to know.
"Thanks for helping me flourish."
Truly, I thank you. This place has been where I place my thoughts and preach to myself. (See profile!)  I thank you for reading them. If I've affected you, then to God be glory--and I mean that.

"Quietude" by Mary Cassatt


Brenda said...

Oh, Andrea. I need lunch help too!

:..Rebekah..: said...

Thank you for helping me flourish! Like you, I love making connections through blogging. God has done some pretty amazing things through newly formed relationships in my life...all because of blogging!

Terry said...

"To God Be The Glory." I second that sentiment. And it has been a pleasure reading your thoughts.

Luch is tricky around here, too. It's the least thought out meal of the day. Although I do try to ensure that fresh fruit is a part of it. Looking forward to whatever you have to share.

osohappy said...

Let me come out of the darkness of lurkdom and say happy blog anniversary. I've loved your encouragement and quiet wisdom. You are truly blessed with a wonderful family and they are blessed to have you. I loved your breakfast series, I had just started that with dinners, and after your help, breakfasts are now scheduled, and the kids wake up and ask, 'what's on the menu this morning?' I have no suggestions for lunches. Like you after preparing a breakfast and a morning of school, it's usually sandwich and salad for lunch, quick prep, quick eat, and quick clean-up. Anyway....thanks for taking the time to blog, and I almost always say a quick prayer for you, your words have blessed!

Monica said...

I highlighted you over at my blog today. Thanks for sharing your life- you are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I will type some lunch ideas soon. I was really kidding and didn't mean to pressure you about sharing lunches. Your blog reminds me of the simple, godly things in life and I love it! We are *continuing* to enjoy our new breakfasts. Warmly, Mary Brooke in Atlanta

Onna said...

Hey Andrea: I just wanted to say that I am in love with this drawing! I am a midwife student/mother and I just adore "mother art". I collect pregnancy art and am currently trying to find time to finish my belly cast. It's living under a plastic sheet in my kitchen currently. I'll call it 'hibernation'... Anyway, just wanted to say hello! :) Yahweh bless you!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I have been mournfully out of it, so I'm catching up myself! A late congrats on 2 years in blogging. Mine is coming up later this month.

Holly said...

I LOVED your breakfast ideas. :)

From one who also needs a lunch re-vamp, herself. :)

Congrats on two years!!!