Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Things I love

~Hot baths before bed
~New books to read
~2:00--rest hour (where I promptly go lay in my bed, under the covers, and let my body rest a bit.)
~Making a yummy salad
~Repainting a room
~Snuggling on the couch with my children
~Reading to my children
~The first cup of coffee in the morning
~Manicures and pedicures (yes, I love them!)
~A clean kitchen floor
~Laundry done
~Dates with my husband


laurel said...

Hey andrea-
I have emailed you a couple of times, but the emails keep coming back to me. do you have another email address?

The Simple Woman said...

Good Morning! Just a note to tell you I enjoy your blog and have listed you as a favorite of mine. I love your header picture!

Joni said...

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for the reminder about where true satisfaction comes. What a treasure house the website you linked to is. Thanks!

L.L. Barkat said...

Wonderful things to love. : )

Betsy Norwood said...

Great minds think alike! That sounds exactly like what my list would be (minus the painting the rooms). And I've got a hot date with my hubby tonight that I'm especially looking forward to :)) Let's chat soon.

Andrea said...

Clarification: I did not paint the room. (More on that later.) But I love when a room gets fresh paint!

Beck said...

Wonderful list!
I am trying to learn how to love salads.

AIMEE said...

Amen and ditto to all!

Holly said...

I love a hot bath before bed...but I did not understand the "clean kitchen floor" comment. What is that?


Monday through Sunday said...

Wonderful list!

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Ok. This is as far as I got and your blog is wonderful! Will be back. Thanks and keep up the good work!