Sunday, April 13, 2008

A usual Sabbath

Our Sabbath typically includes a day like this:

~Pizza or Subway sandwiches for lunch (usually.)
~Nap or rest time for everyone
~4:30--begin making dinner-usually a nice meal with a set table
~7:00--Family Bible and prayer time (we are reading the book of John together as a family.)
~8:00-9:00 Bed time--Ready to start our week, relaxed and refreshed (hopefully!)

Our Sabbath's are lazy and we try to implement a "no work" policy. (At least I do.)  Sundays are not for "catch up" or laundry or unnecessary busyness. We usually stay home and in bed or on the couch for most of the afternoon. 

What's your Sabbath like?


L.L. Barkat said...

From you, I have learned to look forward to a nap on my Sabbaths. Woman of influence! :)

samantha said...

This sounds so wonderful! My husband's a pastor, so for us, Sundays are a "work" day instead of a Sabbath. (But I need to talk to him about starting a better alternative Sabbath day for our family.) Our Sundays are more like this:
6am- getting ready
7am- out the door
8am- worship practice
9-1pm- church
Fast food for lunch
Run home and clean the house, maybe a nap if the house isn't too bad
6-9pm- small group meeting in our home
Then crash into bed!

Mrs Wibbs said...

Sounds LOVELY :-)
Ours are quite similar, but a little more hectic due to having 3 hectic boys in the house! But mostly it's just a lovely, 'chill out' day.

thedailylily said...

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Cheri said...

I love your Sundays!

Ours still feel kind of busy-they truly aren't but it's an hour round trip to church and typically that will mean since we are in town (it's 30 miles for us) sometimes a quick trip for milk etc is done after church.

But I love Sunday afternoons...lazy naps, reading, crocheting and thinking and preparing for the new week.

Reading this, however, I'd like to be more deliberate in our 'rest'--in really taking the time to 'be still and know.''

Prairie Chick said...

Sabbaths around here are rather eclectic. Sometimes we come home from church alone, eat, nap, laze around the rest of the afternoon just enjoying each others company and books or games. Other sundays we invite church friends over for lunch and play or visit together.

And then we have days like today, where we have huge potluck get togethers with 20 plus adults and 27 kids (outside of course!).

We spend most of the week home alone together so we like to spend time in "community" on the weekend.

The mom, the robot, and the dancer said...

Our Sabbath is usually a bit crazy in the morning, but it's eagerly anticipated by the kids, who usually set out their church clothes on Friday night.

Way too rushed breakfast
Lunch at home, at an Indian restaurant, or a picnic
Then during Winter - crafts or "piddling around" and reading OR during Spring/Summer/Fall - a hike in the woods, or to a nearby creek
Family worship (singing, reading, praying, praising)
Dinner is usually something light like fruit or sandwiches, followed by Dessert. Always. And it's usually something really decadent like smores with Nutella, or ice cream sundaes or fondue.
Sometimes we all watch a movie, or we play a game (Settlers of Catan is a favorite)

Our Sabbaths are everyone's favorite day. I think you've given me an idea to blog about. . .

Terry said...

Ours is much like yours with one exception: since we both live in the city we were raised in, we most often take the time after church to spend with our families (my parents, his, his brothers, my sister, etc.) Who we spend a couple of hours with varies from week to week, but it's always a great time for us and for our kids as well.

Crystal said...

Hey! I was just speaking with a friend about this.. It's very inspiring that you actually rest. Even though I don't "work" I do find my self doing some "self distracting" like laundry on Sunday instead of communing with God and resting.

MacCárthaigh Family said...

We were just talking about this last night in the Church building!
When I got saved 6 years ago I had no idea about the Sabbath but God showed me. I would go to church with my 3 year old boy, come home, cook dinner, clean, cut grass, things like that and go back out for the evening service. Although I loved it sometimes by the time I got home I would just cry I would be that worn out.

I spoke to my pastor about this and he said (very kindly!) even if I didn't feel like going to church in the evening, I should still go because I could be encouraging other people by just being there. He suggested (very kindly!) that it is not just about me but the whole body.

He was so right. About this time God started showing me from the Bible that I should have Sunday as a day of rest and not work. Also as a time to spend with Him and His people. I stopped washing, cutting grass etc and also stopped shopping on a Sunday and things improved SO much.

Now I am married to a wonderful Christian man (I was a single parent when God saved me).

My Sunday looks like this...

We get up and go to sunday school followed by the church service. When we go home Niall (husband) cooks dinner. My son Sean (9 now!) lights the fire. We relax in front of it for the afternoon, watch a movie or play a game etc and then I give Sean his tea and we go back to the church building for a Bible study we are currently doing. When we come homw we might have our 3 local Christian bachelors for a visti and then to bed!

On some other Sundays we may go visit people or have them over here for dinner.

I think there's just nothing like the Sabbath to start the week!

AIMEE said...

We go to church at 9 am...come home at 10:30am and have brunch (pancakes, eggs, bacon). Then we usually play outside some...kickball, gardening, nature walk. Then naps or "quiet time" for those who don't sleep. I like to sew or be crafty. Then at 5pm we have our small group over for a meal and a time of prayer and talking about the sermon that morning.
Then we clean up at 7:30, get things prepared for Monday morning...get children in bed and then enjoy a cup of hot tea and reading or conversation :)

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Mostly the same, though lunch is usually at Pei Wei (a local Asian fast food place). Occasionally we'll eat a hot dog at Costco and pick up some bulk items, but I really try to skip retail on Sundays. It's yucky, frankly.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

We also usually do take-out after church--and we rest, and spend time together. It doesn't look a whole lot different from my other days, but my husband, who works hard all week, has recently made an effort to stay home on Sundays, not work in the yard etc, and it has given him true rest.

Beverly said...

hmmmm ... ok here's our Sabbath

7:30am - really rushed breakfast
8:30am - out the door (we live 45 minutes from our church)
9:30-12:30 - Sunday School and Worship service
2:00 - big lunch with family or other church members
3:30 - nap for all of us
6:00 - Evening Worship
9:30 - Home for a yummy evening snack and then bed!