Monday, June 23, 2008

Carrie at "Dump Trucks and Tea Cups" led me to Sally Clarkson's post on Tired Moms. I wasn't complaining in my last post, but this is where my thoughts get their voice. (I warned you, I'm trying to say.)
Some days (and weeks) are hard. Extra stress like selling a home makes it harder. Just stating facts. This isn't a place for whining, I will get that straight right now. But perhaps some of my thoughts can actually encourage someone. You know, "been there, done that". Or lead to posts like Sally's. So if you are tired, mama, click on over and be refreshed by an older mother who *knows* firsthand the meaning of "daily sacrifice".


Terry said...

Regular readers know that you are SO NOT a whiner, Andrea. We all have our hard days, and sometimes its encouraging to know we're not alone.

Andrea said...

Thanks, Terry. I appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

I would never have bookmarked your blog if you were nothing less than real...a real woman desiring to serve Christ...even Christ got tired at times...I am so glad we have a Savior that can sympathize(sp?) with our every weakness...I will click over to the Clarkson post...but thank you for came through clear and I smiled as I have teens and a preschooler...the range of emotions can be extreme...but I am thankful that God gives us enough grace for each day...nothing we have to store up...enough...

Peace to you,


Anonymous said...

So thankful for your honesty.

My husband and I have 4 kids,and have been married over 16 years now. Homeschooling for 8+ years. For *many* years, when the kids were babies, we never got time away. We now have family in the same state, who can watch the kids for us on occasion.

Until recently, when my husband and I had a 3 day getaway, we didn't realize just how important and necessary those getaways are! So many times it's not a possibility to do that and one learns to hunker down and get through. However, I think that someone, like you, well respected in the homeschooling blogosphere, kindly communicating in a transparent way can help wives and moms so much!

It's OKAY to need a break! We are human...and if we can *at all* get some time away and be refreshed...THANK YOU LORD!


Anonymous said...

I love your honesty Andrea.
Sally is such a wonderful encourager isn't she?

Stacy said...

Thank you for the link to Sally's blog. It was a good read.