Monday, July 28, 2008

Parenting links and other links

So many bloggers are posting great posts on parenting this week! I have really enjoyed their thoughts and wanted to share:

While I generally plead the fifth when it comes to parenting books, Tonia has shared  some books that have helped shape her vision of home life. That is the kind of parenting books I like, too. Go on over and read her suggestions, and leave your favorites in the comments.
I'm not a fan of formalistic parenting books, I think they can tend to be too legalistic and not enough grace. I prefer stories and authentic journeys of parenting to be models of what I would hope and pray for my family. (Accessing my own family's individual needs, of course. ) 

Katherine at "Raising Five" has a gift for storytelling, with practical ideas of parenting. I enjoyed this post: "Start With A Question", because I have a 14-year-old girl, too.  I always appreciate that her goal with her teens is *communication*.

Holly shared some thoughts from a blogger: "On Parenting Longer But Knowing Less". Isn't that a great title for a post?

Other links I love this week: (not necessarily related to parenting)

What is Truth?
The Stuff of Life



Beck said...

Katherine's parenting posts are always such a blessing for me! I don't think I've read Holly before, so thank you for the introduction!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Andrea,
I am with you on grace-filled parenting. I admire your passion for that. I grew up in a very "strict" home and I feel that I have to relearn how to parent, myself and do it with love and grace towards my children. I enjoy reading the insights of your blog!

Rose said...

Hey, I'm on here. Let's be friends. :) I'm Reading The Excellent Wife; it's amazing.