Friday, August 15, 2008


As a teacher to my children, I am passionate about finding ways of educating my children. Sometimes I will find inspiration in places like here or here. These are no-brainers. What I especially like is finding inspiration in multi-dimensional sources, like a memoir or a life story. This type of genre, mixed with another favorite; home education, and I am in reading heaven.

"For a long time I had no regular lessons. Even when I studied most earnestly it seemed more like play than work. Everything Miss Sullivan taught me she illustrated by a beautiful story or poem. Whenever anything delighted or interested me she talked it over with me just as if she were a little girl herself. What many children think of with dread, as a painful plodding through grammar, hard sums and harder definitions, is today one of my most precious memories."

"We read and studied out of doors, preferring the sunlit woods to the house. All my early lessons have in them the breath of the woods--the fine, resinous odor of pine needles, blended with the perfume of wild grapes. Seated in the gracious shade of a wild tulip tree, I learned to think that everything has a lesson and a suggestion....everything that could hum, or buzz, or sing, or bloom, had a part in my education...."

"Any teacher can take a child to the classroom, but not every teacher can make him learn. He will not work joyously unless he feels that liberty is his, whether he is busy or at rest; he must feels the flush of victory and the heart-sinking of disappointment before he takes with a will the tasks distasteful to him and resolves to dance his way bravely through a dull routine of textbooks."

From The Story of My Life by Helen Keller

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Helen Keller is such an inspirational person. Thanks for making me think of her today. There's a book I read as a child called Helen Keller's teacher. I don't remember if good or not.