Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three things

One. Have you read this ? You need to. My favorite summer read so far.
Coupled with this makes you very proud of your freedom.

This little gadget has got me even more excited about my morning coffee. (I didn't know that was possible!) There's something so European about it that I like. And the whole process of making a fresh cup of coffee is so satisfying. Speaking of coffee, I had my first Clover coffee this summer. If your town's coffee shop has one, get thee to it before Starbucks takes it over....

And Three. My New Favorite Salad.
First--make roasted chicken and potatoes for dinner. For lunch the next day make a big salad of baby greens, shredded carrot, sliced red pepper, sprouts, avocado, slices of cheese, and leftover COLD chicken and potatoes. Delicious!!
And that....is my "Three Things". What are yours?


Jess said...

My husband manages a gourmet coffee roasting business, and absolutely LOVES his aeropress. He says it makes a better cup of coffee than even the traditional coffee pot. :)

Glad you like it too. I'm more of an iced coffee girl, myself.

Courtney said...

The book looks fasinating! Looks like I might have to kick my coffee routine up a notch! Thanks for sharing your three things!

flo @ yielded heart said...

Thanks for sharing your three.

I gave up coffee a while back (so I thought), but now that mornings are cooler, I actually have been thinking about it.

I was considering getting a new french press, but the aeropress sounds really appealing.

laurel said...

That book sounds really good, and I am adding it to my amazon wish list. I am going to do my three things on my blog soon. Very fun!

DarcyLee said...

I just stumbled on your blog and really like it! I have read the book you mentioned and it is amazing. It really made me realize how very, very, very fortunate we are to live in this country. God bless.