Sunday, September 14, 2008

Accepting the gray

Often, we think our lives should be tied up in neat little boxes. It's more evident, now more than ever, with the election season in full swing.  McCain/ Palin or Obama/Biden? Democrat or Republican? Conservative or liberal? Hope or change? Well... I'm getting confused, now.
The point is this: the way of the world is that you have to be forced into a mold. Is it black or white? Do you home school or do public school? Do private school or public school? Cloth or disposable? And on and on, ad nauseum
This is not to say we should not have convictions, but merely that our convictions should not rule us.
For many evangelicals, it's either black or white. For many idealists, it's the same way.
But life is about the gray, most of the time. God finding the good out of the bad (complicated), the seed growing miraculously in rocky soil.
When we start accepting the gray, we become less concerned about the letter of the law, but more concerned about the spirit of the law. We break through the "glass ceiling", we break through the box. And that, my friends, is accepting the gray.

*is it gray or grey? :)


TAMI said...

Thank you! God is certainly not confined by the little boxes we have for Him. He's more broad and diversified than we can possibly imagine!

On Friday I found myself getting fairly bothered over comments I was reading on several blogs. Some going so far as to question whether or not a person could really even BE a Christian if they didn't believe that the Scriptures clearly restrict woman from being in places of leadership. I understand WHY people are on different sides of the issue, but I don't understand the condemnation that frequently accompanies it.

I appreciate your post today - I needed to know that the SPIRIT of the law is still alive.

Aimee said...

Yes, I think we try to meet the core need for SAFETY through black/whiteness...gray can feel unsettling or boundary-less...but the gray is where GRACE seems to grow, compassion blooms, and acceptance flowers. Walking in the gray has been a path for me to walk by faith and not by my black/white choices.

Great thoughts, friend! :) said...

I understand what you mean about the grey. Often there is no right or wrong, it's just about our relationship with Jesus and that's it!

Prairie Chick said...

I love the song by Steve Bell that says;

"I used to.... try to measure out the deep... Lord knows I tried to figure out, beyond a shadow of doubt, mysteries much to wonderful for me.... So never mind what I thought then. And never mind what I think now. As long as I can sing, as long as I can love...."

Joy said...

How true!

This has been much on my mind during these summer months for a myraid of reasons. I realized I did not fit in the mold, and I found it a bit scary. But living in the grey area has made me realize just how amazing the depth and breadth of our God is.

(:D I think grey or gray depends on where you're from. I've always spelled it grey, but my husband assures me it's gray.)

mrs. kleiner said...

I'm new here--and I love,love your blog. My pastor calls this idea, living in the tension. I completely agree, that as mom's we tend to hold very tightly to our ideas and make methods our idols. Thank you for a great reminder today. Blessings, alecia

flo @ yielded heart said...

thank you:)

SuzyQ said...

Beautiful words!
I love that your posts are so simple yet so full of clarity.

:..Rebekah..: said...

Love this!

realworldmartha said...

I'm with you sister. I think you are right on.

Mrs Wibbs said...

so so true...
- you have a habit of putting my thoughts into words - I am a wee bit jealous!!
And grey can be beautiful, there are so many shades of it, and when you marry grey to a bright colour, that colour seems even brighter, more vibrant, exquisite even.
He does all things well :c)
*by the way: it's most definitely GREY...!! This is how we Brits spell it, and so that's how it should be

Mrs. U said...

Convictions should not rule us. The Word of God should rule us. So many times people think their convictions ARE the Word of God. Oftentimes, they are merely opinions and cannot be supported by Scripture.

Mrs. U

When I saw this post title I thought you were going to talk about gray/grey hair! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I hear you . . . My husband and I were talking about this sort of thing and he made a statement like this, "You only change the world in areas where you are a fanatic, or where you see black and white." Moral of the story - make sure you're a fanatic about the most important things.

Christian said...

I realize this is an old post for you, but wanted to thank you for putting it to words. Grey is a struggle for me, I err on the side of legalism rather than grace. And in HIS GRACE God is changing my heart daily!